VCC Sept 25 - 79km

Cycling Route

78.94 km
425 m
Starting from The Hills at Charlesworth (just east of 50th Street and Ellerslie Road).
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
"Hope there's no train in the way TT to 232"4.75 km-24 m-0.1%
TofA'14 - Sector2A - coldpress9.42 km20 m0.1%
TNTT 25km24.96 km33 m0.0%
205 to 220 on 51012.76 km-28 m-0.1%
Golden Bear Fly-By West8.69 km-26 m-0.1%
RR 2326.18 km-22 m-0.3%
Peanut free2.94 km-22 m-0.7%
Westbound RR232 to 17th St4.72 km22 m0.2%