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2021 TDF Century Ride

Cycling Route

100.33 mi
5,379 ft
Created By
Tour de Foothills

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Euclid Climb [Pacific Electric to Baseline]1.65 mi236 ft2.7%
Euclid Campus nursery 0.49 mi-23 ft-0.7%
Campus to Red Hill1.11 mi-13 ft-0.2%
Little Hill0.25 mi-20 ft-0.9%
leaving red hill0.79 mi-92 ft-2.2%
Hermosa to Haven0.49 mi-10 ft-0.4%
Just Past Haven to CP light0.62 mi16 ft0.4%
Super Secret Sprint0.32 mi-23 ft-1.4%
Finish strong climb0.36 mi52 ft2.3%
Campus 20th to 21st0.22 mi49 ft4.1%
Euclid 23rd-24th0.24 mi79 ft6.0%
Euclid off the saddle ~0.38 mi200 ft9.8%
Mills to San Dimas Avenue5.18 mi-413 ft-1.5%
Towne to Fruit attack1.47 mi-151 ft-1.5%
Live Oak Uphill Sprint 0.30 mi52 ft3.1%
Live Oak To Wheeler1.75 mi-157 ft-1.6%
Live Oak Low Hanging Fruit0.94 mi-141 ft-2.8%
Foothill -> Baseline to San Dimas (almost)0.83 mi-82 ft-1.9%
Foothill Blast!0.32 mi-33 ft-1.7%
Amelia Ave(Foothill connector)0.66 mi59 ft1.1%
Amelia 1st Section to Stop Sign0.39 mi30 ft0.3%
Valley Center (Hammer Alley)0.73 mi105 ft2.7%
Hammer Alley to The Wall - Montrose Long1.95 mi-161 ft-1.5%
Sierra Madre Return3.98 mi-308 ft-1.5%
Drop the hammer to Loraine0.37 mi-39 ft-2.0%
The Wall to Todd3.04 mi-253 ft-1.1%
the wall grand to school entrance0.26 mi69 ft4.6%
The Wall 2 - beginning of climb to crest 0.32 mi79 ft4.5%
Wall Charge0.10 mi43 ft7.9%
sierra madre down hill0.86 mi-92 ft-1.8%
sierra madre roundabouts 1.32 mi-148 ft-2.1%
Winston Climb0.22 mi79 ft6.4%
Bradbury Bash! (Montrose Ride)0.30 mi39 ft2.3%
Sierra Madre Climb to Stop Sign (End of Montrose)0.90 mi102 ft2.0%
Late Montrose Ride - Sprint for Glory0.24 mi49 ft3.9%
Sierra Madre Sprint0.71 mi-43 ft-1.1%
New York Dr-Sierra Madre Blvd to Altadena Dr1.37 mi167 ft1.8%
The New York Climb3.12 mi561 ft3.2%
Altadena Dr., NY to Crescent1.16 mi325 ft5.3%
Lake Ave from Altadena Dr0.91 mi420 ft8.7%
Lower Azusa Full Frontal Assault1.01 mi-13 ft-0.3%
Covina Hills Blast0.85 mi230 ft5.1%
Via Verde Climb0.62 mi243 ft7.4%
Bonita Long4.35 mi171 ft0.7%
lunch rush at Kim's 0.23 mi-16 ft-1.3%
Damien High to Wheeler Ave.0.43 mi-16 ft-0.3%
Bonita-Fairplex to Towne1.77 mi52 ft0.5%
Old Stump Sprint0.38 mi7 ft0.4%
Casa Colina sprint0.20 mi16 ft1.5%
Headed to Towne0.64 mi30 ft0.9%