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Bolinas Ridge

Running Route

20.24 mi
3,094 ft
Created By
Ryan Gomba

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
BoRidge SFD->Jewell Trail1.31 mi230 ft3.1%
BoRidge SFD->2nd Gate2.32 mi436 ft3.5%
Bolinas Ridge Trail Climb0.50 mi197 ft7.4%
Bolinas Ridge to Shafter Trail 5.12 mi968 ft3.5%
BoRidge - Coast Trail SFD->Willow Camp Trail13.84 mi1,437 ft2.0%
BoRidge Complete SFD->BoFax Rd10.82 mi1,293 ft2.0%
Bolinas Ridge Scramble0.24 mi112 ft8.6%
Bolinas Ridge Trail Climb0.38 mi164 ft8.0%
Bolinas Ridge Trail Climb1.52 mi482 ft6.0%
Bolinas Ridge Trail Climb0.49 mi135 ft5.1%
Top of Randall climb to Bolinas Aid Station4.82 mi335 ft0.7%
Bolinas Ridge Trail Climb0.56 mi157 ft5.2%
Coastal from BoFax to WillowCamp3.29 mi453 ft1.7%
Coastal: BoFax to Matt Davis4.49 mi446 ft0.1%
Ridgecrest Blvd Climb0.24 mi180 ft12.5%
Coastal Trail Climb0.24 mi135 ft10.5%
Coastal McKennan to Willow1.04 mi197 ft1.5%
Ridgecrest Blvd Climb0.34 mi190 ft10.5%
Coastal Trail1.61 mi-364 ft-3.9%
Willow Camp to RRG/Pantol3.23 mi-351 ft-1.8%
Matt Davis Trail1.60 mi141 ft0.6%
Matt Davis Bare Knoll to Pan Toll Rd1.34 mi-148 ft-0.4%
Steep Ravine Trail Climb0.27 mi138 ft9.6%
Matt Davis (Pantoll to Hogback)2.66 mi-407 ft-2.8%
Matt Davis (Bootjack to Mtn Home Inn)2.33 mi-361 ft-2.7%
Bootjack to Nora trail1.33 mi-121 ft-0.7%
Nora to Hoo-Koo-E-Koo trail0.68 mi-200 ft-5.2%
Run 4 Baccon0.33 mi-135 ft-2.0%
Water to Pig Sprint0.39 mi-95 ft-4.7%
Waterfall >> Water Fountain0.55 mi-190 ft-6.3%