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Sullivan Ridge and Canyon

Running Route

13.91 mi
2,168 ft
Created By
Dick Phan

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Reseda Park Entrance Climb0.35 mi200 ft10.8%
Valley Crest Sprint to the Top Start0.14 mi112 ft15.2%
Mulholland Dr Climb0.31 mi174 ft10.7%
Farmers climb1.03 mi407 ft6.4%
Muholland Ridge to Sullivan Canyon Top0.53 mi-79 ft-2.6%
Muholland Ridge to Sullivan Dirt End2.82 mi-600 ft-4.0%
Sullivan Canyon Top to Sullivan Dirt End3.22 mi-863 ft-5.0%
Sullivan Fire Rd. Descent0.82 mi-348 ft-7.9%
Time to fly0.79 mi-335 ft-7.9%
Sully fireroad descent to the gate2.19 mi-791 ft-6.8%
Squirrel Cage0.26 mi-256 ft-18.5%
Bobsled Tumble0.25 mi-259 ft-18.5%
2miles up after goat's trail2.01 mi394 ft3.7%
2miles up after goat's trail2.08 mi400 ft3.6%
Sullivan Cayon to Sullivan Fire rd3.62 mi1,115 ft5.8%
Sullivan canyon to u turn3.17 mi827 ft4.9%
W Mandeville Fire Rd Climb0.62 mi138 ft3.8%
I wonder if Faeron can see the Ballestra's House from here0.49 mi112 ft4.2%
USA Flag Climb0.68 mi433 ft11.9%
Balls Deep 0.42 mi299 ft13.3%
Climb out of Sullivan0.46 mi295 ft11.8%
Sullivan Canyon Top to Muholland Ridge0.52 mi75 ft2.6%
Mulholland Dr, Westward descent to El Cab1.12 mi-371 ft-6.3%
Caballero Canyon Bench to Reseda Blvd0.87 mi226 ft3.5%
Last 1/2mile from hell0.57 mi217 ft6.6%
Valley Crest final climb0.54 mi194 ft6.7%
Reseda Park Entrance Single Track Descent0.25 mi-138 ft-10.3%