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Le Tour de Drought - Marin Road

Cycling Route

58.62 mi
5,223 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
The Real Slim Shady0.52 mi13 ft0.4%
Berlin Ave Climb0.42 mi23 ft0.8%
White's Hill (SV Official)0.84 mi344 ft7.7%
White's hill, just the top0.37 mi144 ft7.2%
White's Hill westbound0.48 mi-128 ft-4.3%
Golf course hill0.81 mi223 ft5.2%
Golf Course to Nicasio4.87 mi-397 ft-0.7%
Lucas Valley Rd Sprint1.08 mi-135 ft-2.4%
Rancho Nicasio to Pt. Reyes Petaluma Rd3.04 mi-49 ft-0.0%
Nicasio Valley Road power climb - northbound0.38 mi43 ft2.1%
Olema to Bolinas9.13 mi-440 ft-0.1%
BoFax Climb3.93 mi1,486 ft7.1%
BoFax Steep Bottom1.14 mi486 ft8.0%
Bofax Last Mile before Ridgecrest 1.07 mi351 ft6.2%
BoFax Transistor Radio1.53 mi230 ft2.5%
Seven Sisters3.72 mi558 ft2.3%
Sister 5 and 60.70 mi315 ft8.5%
sister5steep0.28 mi144 ft9.6%
Tam finish sprint0.09 mi26 ft4.8%
Ridgecrest to bottom of Pantoll descent2.89 mi-928 ft-6.1%
Rock Springs to Pantoll1.30 mi-417 ft-6.1%
No brakes spin out0.60 mi-194 ft-6.1%
Pantoll to 4 Corners4.40 mi-774 ft-3.3%
Pantoll to First Flat - Starting Later for those who stop at the stop1.49 mi-495 ft-6.2%
Pantoll to Gravity car2.51 mi-505 ft-3.8%
Pantoll rollercoaster0.67 mi-230 ft-6.4%
Mt Home Inn Flat + Sprint1.77 mi95 ft0.2%
Wednesday Night Drags0.23 mi36 ft2.8%
St Jude to 4 Corners0.95 mi-276 ft-5.3%
So you think you can dance?0.37 mi-174 ft-8.8%
Four Corners Sprint0.26 mi-46 ft-2.9%
You Just Gotta Attack It0.36 mi36 ft1.3%
4 Corners to Rte. 1 including hairpin0.77 mi-148 ft-2.8%
Short DH0.98 mi-335 ft-6.4%
Hwy1 Panoramic to Mill Valley descent1.91 mi-564 ft-5.6%
Rosemont Climb - Almonte to Julia0.13 mi-10 ft-1.6%
Sprint Bike Lane0.34 mi3 ft0.1%
Can't do this anymore0.41 mi0 ft0.0%
Camino Alto climb1.24 mi308 ft4.6%
Azalea Bump0.22 mi56 ft4.8%
Camino Alto: Start to Vasco0.51 mi121 ft4.4%
Camino Alto (Mill Valley side)1.23 mi308 ft4.7%
sprint!0.24 mi82 ft6.4%
Vasco Overhill Kicker0.22 mi46 ft3.7%
Vasco Chapman0.74 mi174 ft4.4%
Camino Alto Overhill Rd to Menke Park1.64 mi-256 ft-1.3%
Camino Alto - northbound from Vasco0.47 mi112 ft4.4%
Camino Alto - Final Sprint0.23 mi46 ft3.8%
C.A. North side drop0.90 mi-233 ft-4.8%
Lagunitas to Gate1.08 mi85 ft1.5%