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Le Tour de Drought - Marin Gravel / MTB

Cycling Route

32.52 mi
4,800 ft
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October 27, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gate to Eldridge Grade0.94 mi112 ft2.0%
Phoenix Lake Climb0.23 mi82 ft6.1%
Gate - 5 Corners [Shaver]1.96 mi407 ft3.9%
Shaver at Eldridge to Five Corners0.94 mi315 ft6.3%
Thats Shaver for ya1.66 mi554 ft6.2%
Shaver to 5 Corners Sprint0.18 mi69 ft6.9%
Five Corners to Sky Oaks Rd0.61 mi220 ft6.8%
Shaver Interval (Five Corners to Start of Elliot)0.29 mi171 ft11.0%
Sky Oaks South Gate to Gate1.02 mi-108 ft-0.6%
Lagunitas Rocket Testing0.29 mi-16 ft-0.5%
Lake Enduro to Eldridge 1.61 mi223 ft2.5%
Lake Lagunitas to Eldridge0.69 mi200 ft5.2%
S Works0.12 mi72 ft11.0%
pilot knob climb0.19 mi85 ft8.3%
Middle Eldridge1.04 mi410 ft7.4%
Upper Eldridge 3.38 mi1,181 ft6.6%
DETH COOKIES0.54 mi230 ft7.0%
Rumble Climb _1.18 mi348 ft5.5%
Eldridge Top Gate Sprint0.23 mi43 ft3.4%
Old Stage Descent (West Point Inn to Pantoll)1.88 mi-282 ft-2.8%
Pancakes to Halibut5.31 mi-1,322 ft-4.7%
CoastView (singletrack only)2.43 mi-810 ft-6.3%
Coastal trail DH first half1.43 mi-397 ft-5.2%
Coastal ST DH from Up & Down Cut1.90 mi-610 ft-6.0%
Coastal Final Speed Check0.29 mi-112 ft-7.3%
Hwy 1 to MB Overlook0.50 mi-23 ft-0.4%
Muir Descent0.90 mi-417 ft-8.7%
Muir Plunge 0.56 mi-289 ft-9.6%
Dipsea Trail Climb0.52 mi328 ft11.9%
Deer Park (Muir Woods Rd to Coastal View)2.39 mi1,191 ft9.4%
AC OSBR Dirt East Peak TT - Stage 13.02 mi1,365 ft8.5%
deer park flank1.37 mi787 ft10.8%
Oh Deer! The Climb1.52 mi620 ft7.7%
Old Stage (Pantoll to West Point Inn)1.85 mi289 ft2.9%
Old Stage Rd.0.78 mi98 ft2.4%
West Point to Hoo-Koo1.85 mi-535 ft-5.5%
Hoo-Koo-E-Koo Trail from RR Grade to Blithedale Ridge1.81 mi-289 ft-1.4%
Hoo Koo Ripper 0.49 mi-56 ft-2.1%
Granny Grind0.12 mi98 ft13.8%
Indian Fire Wall0.14 mi115 ft14.7%
Middle Eldridge DH1.17 mi-394 ft-6.3%
Indian Eldridge Fish Junction Descent2.82 mi-1,178 ft-7.8%
Lower Eldridge DH - 1st half0.75 mi-404 ft-9.7%
Eldridge Descent From Lakeview Part 11.30 mi-522 ft-7.3%
Lower Eldridge Descent1.96 mi-787 ft-7.5%
Eldridge Grade DH - Pump house to Phoenix Lake1.27 mi-404 ft-6.0%
Eldridge Mini DH0.76 mi-299 ft-7.4%
Eldridge Grade-Phoenix Lake to bridge0.94 mi-108 ft-2.2%
Eldridge to Worn Springs0.55 mi10 ft0.2%
Phoenix Lake Downhill0.28 mi-98 ft-6.6%