IWGR 6 Parkersburg to Chillicothe Final

Cycling Route

104.83 mi
5,629 ft
Created By
Anthony Kent

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Blenny Boogie E/W1.37 mi56 ft0.6%
Little Hocking to Torch3.80 mi167 ft0.8%
SR 144 - Coolville to Stewart9.86 mi82 ft0.0%
Mansfield Road Full Pull3.56 mi387 ft2.0%
Mansfield Steep Part0.60 mi230 ft7.2%
Mansfield Mayhem1.63 mi262 ft3.0%
Phillips Lane Climb0.40 mi394 ft18.3%
Sunset Chute0.79 mi-295 ft-6.8%
R.R. Downhill0.34 mi-20 ft-1.0%
Luhrig + Rhoric Rd W5.81 mi246 ft0.7%
RR to FP3.01 mi299 ft1.8%
Rhoric Racer2.31 mi226 ft1.8%
Moeb's Knoll0.48 mi174 ft6.8%
SR-278 to Laurel Run2.18 mi-207 ft-1.8%
Liberty Hill Rd0.90 mi269 ft5.7%
Township Highway 254 Climb0.51 mi289 ft10.6%
Lowery Climb0.83 mi236 ft5.3%
Lowery Wall Only0.19 mi128 ft12.7%
Eagle Mill Westbound5.24 mi-72 ft-0.1%