Last Chance Graveler

Cycling Route

93.22 mi
10,461 ft
Created By
Ira M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Grizzly Gulch up4.58 mi879 ft3.6%
Mckelvey to Prospector3.76 mi761 ft3.8%
Grizzly Gulch Dr Climb1.29 mi308 ft4.4%
Grizzly Pass climb1.61 mi584 ft6.8%
Grizzly Gulch Dr Climb1.21 mi400 ft6.2%
Lump Gulch to Chessman Reservoir6.30 mi1,650 ft4.8%
Lump Gulch to Chessman Reservoir turnoff5.76 mi1,562 ft5.1%
Corral Gulch Rd Climb3.45 mi1,089 ft6.0%
Rimini to top of Basin Creek (Full Climb)7.25 mi2,320 ft6.1%
Rimini to Scott Reservoir5.32 mi1,749 ft6.2%
Basin Creek Road Downhill13.39 mi-1,706 ft-2.4%
High Ore Climb4.01 mi1,135 ft5.4%
Sky Drop0.83 mi-696 ft-15.8%
Corbin Climb2.42 mi919 ft7.1%
Clancy Creek Rd Downhill8.94 mi-1,083 ft-2.3%
MontanaCrossCamp: Rolling Hills & Flying Attacks4.84 mi1,053 ft4.1%
Travis Creek Climb from Lump Gulch4.83 mi1,040 ft4.1%
Grizzly Gulch Dr Climb1.39 mi509 ft6.9%
Gravity Grizz (Grizzly Gulch Descent)3.66 mi-722 ft-3.7%
E-Trail to Pavment DH2.29 mi-381 ft-3.1%