IWGR 7 Chillicothe to Maysville Final

Cycling Route

97.82 mi
6,999 ft
Created By
Anthony Kent

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Last climb before lunch0.14 mi56 ft7.4%
Potts Road Descent1.41 mi-515 ft-6.9%
Potts Hill Down to Town3.12 mi-564 ft-3.4%
Potts Hill Downer1.05 mi-469 ft-8.4%
Washburn Rd2.79 mi-187 ft-0.7%
Louden Rd0.87 mi167 ft2.9%
Briar Ridge Kicker0.59 mi187 ft5.9%
SparringCabinCreekToFishingGut6.83 mi82 ft0.0%
Fishing Gut descent3.42 mi-400 ft-2.1%
Crackalacka0.23 mi69 ft5.5%