IWGR 8 Maysville to Madison Final

Cycling Route

120.08 mi
6,742 ft
Created By
Anthony Kent

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rollin' to Falmouth6.13 mi-105 ft-0.3%
Fishing Creek Up4.46 mi253 ft1.1%
1995 to Lawrenceville0.53 mi184 ft6.5%
Cull Road Slammer3.54 mi-282 ft-1.5%
Culled0.51 mi240 ft8.8%
Bucks Run Road flowing downhill3.02 mi-325 ft-2.0%
227 Run-In to Carrollton4.72 mi-75 ft-0.1%
Autumnwood Ln Climb0.95 mi354 ft7.0%