The Beast with NBB

Running Route

9.52 mi
2,137 ft
Created By
Caryn Panec
November 7, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2 Miles to the Gate2.02 mi935 ft8.7%
first mile of truck trail1.00 mi525 ft9.9%
6 Mile Up & Down The Beast2.99 mi1,447 ft8.0%
Beast to Viper BD3.85 mi1,719 ft8.5%
Climbing 'The Beast' - Parking Lot to Antenna Array4.70 mi2,110 ft8.5%
Gotta get up to get down9.18 mi2,028 ft0.0%
THE BEAST!!!!!!4.48 mi1,955 ft8.3%
Santa Clara Truck Trail Climb0.59 mi302 ft9.6%
Santa Clara Truck Trail Climb0.44 mi220 ft9.3%
Santa Clara Truck Trail Climb0.78 mi292 ft7.0%
Down 'The Beast' - Towers to Parking Lot4.45 mi2,037 ft-8.7%