2022 foco fondo 145mi

Cycling Route

146.4 mi
9,015 ft
This route contains private property that has allowances only on event day. please respect all private property signage and ranches. This route originated from www.gravelgraceland.com head there to find more great Northern Colorado routes of all terrains and distances. Please respect the work and time that goes into great route creation and leave this origin post as you utilize, duplicate, and distribute these routes from Strava.
Created By
Zack Allison
December 9, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lemay bridge over Vine - Duff to Suniga0.49 mi36 ft0.5%
Lemay Country Club Climb0.61 mi66 ft2.0%
Country Club Climb1.03 mi49 ft0.5%
Turnberry Stop to I251.91 mi30 ft-0.2%
Mountain Vista - Timberline to Busch Dr.1.23 mi13 ft-0.1%
Mountain Vista - Frontage to CR31.80 mi92 ft0.9%
Marge Simpson3.83 mi92 ft0.4%
3 to 13 durtay0.91 mi36 ft-0.1%
CR 86 - 13 to 192.68 mi174 ft-0.3%
86 Climby Climb0.77 mi75 ft1.2%
90/54 15 to 13/10.94 mi69 ft0.3%
The Sand Pit3.15 mi75 ft-0.3%
13/1 56 to 580.96 mi59 ft-0.5%
13/1 58 to 96/600.97 mi75 ft-0.1%
3 Sheets to the Wind FoCo Fondo Sara Sheet's segment 1.41 mi157 ft1.8%
CR 98 western spike0.38 mi161 ft7.8%
Co 98 sandy doubletrack (up & down)0.82 mi151 ft1.8%
Larimer CR 15 - south0.91 mi105 ft-1.9%
Road 17 Ascent (96 to 98)0.74 mi118 ft2.7%
FoCo Fondo 2019 Scrimshaw Tattoo - Drag to Carr segment3.64 mi98 ft0.5%
92 to final cattleguard4.18 mi203 ft-0.9%
Buckhorn 7 to 90.99 mi46 ft0.9%
Pavement to Pavement4.97 mi197 ft0.4%
Other way home is more fun0.35 mi66 ft3.4%
Park Creek Reservoir 1.13 mi299 ft5.0%
BTBGF Niner Park Creek Rez segment 1.22 mi295 ft4.5%
Harmon's climb2.02 mi656 ft6.2%
Cherokee Park-Prairie Divide-82E Loop18.60 mi1,506 ft-0.0%
Cherokee Park 5.5mi climb from the fork5.63 mi883 ft3.0%
Cherokee Park Rd Climb1.32 mi404 ft5.8%
Praire Divide Rd Climb1.96 mi597 ft5.7%
67J climb from 80C to 82E4.44 mi866 ft3.6%
82E-Prairie Divide to Cherokee Park Rd7.60 mi1,483 ft-3.5%
Cherokee Park Rd Climb0.87 mi269 ft5.8%
Park Creek Res Up and Over 2.43 mi328 ft-1.9%
Park Creek Climb West Side0.46 mi115 ft4.6%
Park Creek -> Gravel Southbound12.96 mi702 ft-1.0%
Co Rd 17 Buckeye Descent To W Co Rd 64 7.86 mi423 ft-1.0%
You need to race this gravel with a tail wind!2.81 mi167 ft-1.1%
Just Boogie2.50 mi144 ft-1.1%
Rd 72 to Owl Canyon via CR170.96 mi26 ft-0.5%
Owl Canyon to Taft via Spitzer Lake4.18 mi154 ft-0.6%
Taft to N Co Rd 152.69 mi135 ft0.6%
60E hill0.62 mi102 ft3.0%
Shot One1.11 mi20 ft-0.2%
Feb Fort Fondo Segment 32.35 mi43 ft-0.3%
Douglas to Gregory Dirt1.22 mi62 ft-0.6%
E Ridgecrest Rd to E Ridgecrest Rd0.30 mi20 ft-0.2%
Lemay bridge over Vine, N-S0.34 mi26 ft0.9%
Lemay over Vine, N-S, the steep0.23 mi36 ft2.8%