The Snallygaster 200

Cycling Route

198.72 mi
22,318 ft
Updated 9/9/23
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Oaklando Muryland1.28 mi79 ft0.6%
West Bound Pleasant Valley Road0.93 mi-92 ft-1.7%
Mountain Rd Climb1.16 mi525 ft8.5%
Road 18 to Road 7176.98 mi525 ft1.4%
Can you really call this a road?0.94 mi554 ft11.1%
Location Rd Climb1.35 mi476 ft6.6%
Mt. Olivet Rd. Climb 3.87 mi1,188 ft5.8%
Lantz Ridge Road Dirt Descent2.82 mi-1,020 ft-6.6%
Tha Knob0.55 mi161 ft5.1%
County Route 26/23 Climb1.12 mi541 ft9.2%
Beech Run Road3.04 mi958 ft5.9%
Beech Run Rd Climb1.21 mi276 ft4.3%
Rockville DH0.79 mi-282 ft-6.8%
George Walls Rd Climb1.51 mi459 ft5.8%
Galloway Rd Climb1.17 mi299 ft4.7%
Blooming Rose to Friendsville Descent2.14 mi-643 ft-5.7%
Garrett County Gran Fondo Official KOM #4 - Bowman Hill1.67 mi748 ft8.5%
GCGF Official: Timed KOM4 - Bowman Hill1.61 mi755 ft8.9%
Bowman Hill Climb1.62 mi725 ft8.5%
Bowman Hill1.41 mi732 ft9.7%
Amish Road Climb0.41 mi292 ft13.4%
New Germany Rd to W Shale Rd Gravel2.85 mi223 ft0.4%
Otto Ln to Powerline 1.99 mi105 ft0.5%
Otto Ln to Maynardier Ridge Rd2.73 mi-223 ft-0.9%
Maynardier Ridge Rd to Frank Brenneman Rd1.82 mi187 ft1.8%
Black Hawk School Climb East0.33 mi197 ft11.2%
Dry Run Road Climb0.69 mi299 ft8.1%
Glendale Rd Climb0.92 mi400 ft8.2%
Rock Lodge2.52 mi52 ft0.1%
Deep Creek Lake Rd 219 to Sang Run2.56 mi-69 ft-0.1%
Deep Creek Drive Bump0.24 mi56 ft4.2%
Hoyes Run to Shingle Camp0.76 mi384 ft9.5%
Hoyes Run Rd Climb0.74 mi344 ft8.6%
Snaggy Mountain Rd3.72 mi-220 ft-0.4%
cranesville road to bier ridge gravel2.15 mi171 ft0.5%
Climb to Brier Ridge0.61 mi180 ft5.6%
DCAB Fun0.49 mi112 ft4.2%
Climb after Harrington Creek Bridge0.62 mi157 ft4.8%