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Haworth Hobble Ultra Marathon

Running Route

31.58 mi
5,291 ft
Official route 2022
Created By
Gary C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Haworth Hobble31.49 mi1,168 ft0.0%
Cemetery Road Sprint0.70 mi85 ft2.3%
Cattle grid to Bronte Bridge1.23 mi102 ft1.5%
Thurrish Ln Climb1.63 mi495 ft5.8%
Bronte Bridge to Top Withens1.23 mi390 ft5.9%
New Laithe Rd Climb0.37 mi180 ft8.9%
Stream to Top Withins0.34 mi233 ft12.6%
Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy I've come home0.41 mi200 ft9.2%
Down from Withens1.10 mi-423 ft-7.1%
Ridehalgh Ln Climb0.52 mi135 ft4.9%
RF#-Hobble-CP2->CP32.81 mi-430 ft-0.5%
Ridehalgh Ln Climb0.72 mi325 ft8.5%
Gorple Rocks Down Hill Section1.55 mi-374 ft-4.6%
Rocks to Gate Dash0.52 mi-49 ft-1.1%
Down Gorple0.87 mi-312 ft-6.8%
Drop to Hurstwood Res.0.26 mi-92 ft-6.5%
RF#-Hobble-CP3->CP42.77 mi302 ft1.2%
East Bank of the Res0.44 mi-7 ft-0.2%
cant clough climb from btm gate0.30 mi125 ft7.7%
Cant Clough Straight0.20 mi-3 ft0.0%
Cant Clough Res to Sheddon Clough0.39 mi-79 ft-3.8%
The Long Causeway Climb0.78 mi223 ft5.3%
RF#-Hobble-CP4->CP55.86 mi-850 ft-1.5%
Delf Ln Climb0.38 mi230 ft11.2%
mount cross0.83 mi-112 ft-1.7%
Scrapers Lane descent 0.27 mi-174 ft-11.9%
Lumbutts Ln Climb0.53 mi305 ft10.9%
Up & over to Mankinholes0.55 mi279 ft8.5%
old landfill climb0.19 mi190 ft18.5%
RF#-Hobble-CP5->CP61.07 mi574 ft10.1%
Stoodley Diagonal0.48 mi436 ft17.0%
From the peaceful one0.25 mi-62 ft-4.6%
RF#-Hobble-CP6->CP73.41 mi-965 ft-2.3%
Down to London Road0.29 mi-164 ft-10.3%
Full plummet0.36 mi-213 ft-11.1%
King Street Plummet0.17 mi-157 ft-16.1%
Northwell Ln Climb0.69 mi509 ft13.8%
Heptonstall Steep Bit0.37 mi246 ft12.5%
RF#-Hobble-CP7->CP93.08 mi633 ft0.7%
Howarth Hobble last 10kish7.44 mi-919 ft-0.2%
Blue pigs Bottom0.15 mi-92 ft-11.1%
Car Park Path to Shackleton Switch Back0.46 mi279 ft11.4%
Midgehole to Haworth6.56 mi951 ft0.9%
Top car park to layby0.37 mi203 ft10.2%
Baby House Hill Ln Climb0.72 mi220 ft5.7%
Thurrish Ln Climb0.99 mi436 ft8.3%
RF#-Hobble-CP9->Finish4.33 mi-650 ft-1.0%
The Steep Bit0.18 mi154 ft16.3%
Stairs Lane to Viaduct0.97 mi243 ft1.9%
Upper Marsh Ln Climb0.85 mi187 ft4.2%