Rose Valley (via Bike Lane)

Cycling Route

31.37 mi
3,129 ft
Created By
The Mob Shop

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ojai2Wheeler&BitMore8.17 mi1,086 ft2.4%
33 from Y to Fairview1.42 mi69 ft0.4%
The Wye,Rose Valley TT28.96 mi2,713 ft0.0%
stop sign to top of 3314.42 mi2,618 ft3.4%
Maricopa 6mi Climb6.26 mi823 ft2.5%
Meiners Oaks 5 Points to The Wall3.54 mi200 ft1.0%
Deer Rose up/down26.59 mi-2,710 ft0.0%
33 to Wheelers Gorge MeLt6.17 mi961 ft2.9%
La Luna to Rose Valley TT13.07 mi2,589 ft3.7%
Fairview to Foot of The Wall2.73 mi177 ft1.0%
Rose Valley (northwards/uphill) - E13.12 mi2,703 ft3.9%
Higway 33 climb.8.51 mi1,490 ft3.3%
hwy 33 to the first tunnel3.53 mi797 ft4.3%
Jon8.23 mi1,955 ft4.5%
Matilija to overlook 9.35 mi2,287 ft4.6%
Jon29.80 mi2,438 ft4.7%
Highway 33 Climb - Matilija Lake to Rose Valley10.42 mi2,562 ft4.6%
Wheeler Gorge Climb3.96 mi942 ft4.3%
The wall0.36 mi164 ft8.5%
Lake Matilija to the Waterfall6.86 mi1,634 ft4.4%
Hwy 33: Bridge to Los Padras Camp4.78 mi1,099 ft4.3%
Rose Valley from the light10.19 mi2,418 ft4.5%
First 4k pitch of Rose Valley2.62 mi594 ft4.3%
Forest Route 5 N24 Climb0.57 mi308 ft10.1%
06/25/10 Ojai, CA2.78 mi732 ft4.9%
Wheeler Gorge to Rose Valley -MeLt6.92 mi1,706 ft4.7%
04/09/10 Moorpark, CA2.73 mi728 ft5.0%
Wheeler Gorge to S turn below Rose Valley4.90 mi1,250 ft4.8%
Rose Valley: Last 6 Miles 4.53 mi1,142 ft4.7%
06/25/10 Ojai, CA1.42 mi400 ft5.3%
06/25/10 Ojai, CA1.44 mi394 ft5.0%
Rose Valley to Wheeler Gorge campground6.64 mi-1,644 ft-4.7%
Hwy 33 Rose Valley to Meiner's Rd13.63 mi-2,641 ft-3.7%
Rose Valley (southwards/downhill) - E13.02 mi-2,703 ft-3.9%
Hwy 33 Descent - Rose Valley to the Light9.30 mi-2,297 ft-4.7%
Just the downhill Hwy 3310.06 mi-2,379 ft-4.5%
Maricopa DiveBomb One Lane Light to Matilja (Endurance.Dev)6.51 mi-1,578 ft-4.6%
33 down3.92 mi-876 ft-4.2%
Matilija Rd. To 5 way4.13 mi-420 ft-1.9%
tres golpes1.60 mi-95 ft-0.3%
Short Kicker0.20 mi36 ft3.1%