Roswell Bikes - short loop

Cycling Route

42.87 mi
2,700 ft
Created By
Zevy Y

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Chaffin out1.19 mi30 ft0.4%
Etris (Hardscrabble to Cagle)0.97 mi-125 ft-1.4%
OBDCC Last Hill0.31 mi49 ft2.1%
New Providence - Birmingham3.65 mi-207 ft-0.3%
Arnold Mill to Copper Sandy Creek1.95 mi-180 ft-1.7%
New Providence - Arnold Mill to Dorris0.94 mi-46 ft-0.9%
New Providence Climb1.29 mi141 ft1.3%
Freemanville = Providence to Dinsmore2.70 mi177 ft0.2%
Providence to Redd0.86 mi-82 ft-0.8%
Power out of Providence roundabout0.23 mi56 ft4.5%
Freemanville Rd (Chicken Creek to Oak Manor Way)1.45 mi135 ft1.7%
Chicken Creek Climb North0.37 mi66 ft2.7%
Freemanville Rd3.68 mi292 ft1.5%
Freemanville Rd Hill2.41 mi236 ft1.6%
F'ville - Wilkie3.64 mi171 ft0.5%
Freemanville Rd (Birmingham Rd to Mountain Rd)1.99 mi164 ft0.3%
Freemanville Rd (Birmingham Rd to Fulton County Highest Elevation)1.56 mi164 ft2.0%
Freemanville Rd climb north of Birmingham Rd stop1.55 mi177 ft2.2%
RBI North Loop15.96 mi-312 ft-0.0%
Wilkie Road Only1.31 mi95 ft0.9%
Hopewell (Wilkie - Midway)0.92 mi-52 ft-0.1%
Hopewell Uphill Northbound0.67 mi43 ft1.2%
Macedonia Church Rollers0.86 mi39 ft0.9%
Hopewell Rd (Midway Rd to Drew Rd)0.44 mi26 ft0.4%
Hopewell Rd (Birmingham Rd/County Line Rd to Bagwell Dr)0.98 mi-52 ft-0.8%
Hopewell - 4-way to Bagwell0.93 mi-49 ft-0.9%
Trinity - Bagwell Climb1.05 mi79 ft1.4%
West Trinity Rollers3.22 mi-102 ft-0.1%
Trinity Church Rd (Route 372 to The Goats)1.84 mi-62 ft-0.6%
372 to Arbor Hill2.20 mi-105 ft-0.6%
TChurch to Lathem1.19 mi43 ft0.7%
Arbor Hill stretch1.79 mi33 ft0.2%
Gaddis1.15 mi-102 ft-1.7%
New Bull Pen0.88 mi89 ft1.9%
Dinsmore E Bluff2.07 mi-135 ft-0.2%
high-speed power sprint0.19 mi-13 ft-0.5%
E. Bluff to Thompson Rd climb0.40 mi105 ft4.9%
Thompson - E Bluff to Redd1.00 mi-105 ft-0.4%
Redd to Providence1.40 mi-89 ft-0.4%
Bethany (Redd to Mayfield)2.41 mi161 ft1.0%
Haygood Rd0.41 mi75 ft3.5%
Providence RD - Bethany up to Mayfield1.44 mi161 ft1.5%
Steep part of Bethany0.55 mi115 ft3.9%
Milton 500 Sprint0.19 mi10 ft0.5%
Hardscrabble: Etris to Chaffin0.62 mi-16 ft-0.1%
Chaffin South Sprint to Crabapple1.10 mi-46 ft-0.1%
Chaffin Hembree to Church0.45 mi26 ft0.4%
Houze Way Finish1.01 mi-33 ft-0.3%
Houze Way Sprint0.43 mi-39 ft-1.3%
Houze Sprint to Stop Sign0.57 mi-49 ft-1.0%