Past Month

Tower Refinery Route

Cycling Route

44.59 mi
1,748 ft
Created By
Case H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
47th to 55th (up Princeton-Harding)1.12 mi23 ft0.3%
CL-Madison west-N Frontage1.47 mi33 ft0.0%
The way out8.83 mi98 ft0.1%
Refining Tower 39.52 mi-220 ft-0.0%
UCI 🟢0.92 mi23 ft0.3%
N Frontage Rd: Tennessee Ave to Woodland Dr0.28 mi13 ft0.6%
G Point 0.52 mi23 ft0.4%
N frontage Cass to Lemont rd2.55 mi66 ft0.4%
Heritage Parkway Hustler1.23 mi-39 ft-0.6%
Heritage Parkway1.02 mi-33 ft-0.4%
sprint leadout0.26 mi-16 ft-1.2%
Heritage Pkwy lactate contest0.23 mi-3 ft-0.2%
The Manlier Man's Loop8.23 mi174 ft0.4%
bottom 2 the top1.01 mi164 ft3.0%
Timberline Dr. - New Ave to Peiffer Ave0.58 mi131 ft4.3%
Knolls to Alba 0.90 mi0 ft0.0%
Lemont: Timberline Dr0.17 mi82 ft9.1%
Rugby Fields Reverse0.95 mi-66 ft-1.2%
the Mans Loop5.85 mi-135 ft-0.0%
Riptide Rush0.89 mi-43 ft-0.6%
High rd. north0.97 mi85 ft1.0%
Refinery climb0.78 mi138 ft3.2%
Over 355 East0.42 mi49 ft2.1%
Road Racer0.28 mi-102 ft-6.9%
Centennial Trail Climb0.38 mi381 ft18.7%
Lemont Rd bridge north0.74 mi-33 ft-0.5%
Lemont Road Bluff to regroup2.35 mi187 ft1.4%
The Good Northbound Lemont Road Segment1.59 mi187 ft2.2%
that's not the way you're supposed to go0.23 mi75 ft6.1%
Lemont Rd Climb1.32 mi72 ft1.0%
Frontage Rd South Side E - Lemont to Cass - Clipped - MN1.81 mi-66 ft-0.5%
91st Cass E Bluff to Kingery1.98 mi56 ft0.2%
TL finishing 33.52 mi-121 ft-0.3%
Bluff to Clarendon Hills0.36 mi26 ft1.2%
Bluff Rd.0.47 mi66 ft2.5%
that old guy on his bike4.20 mi-115 ft-0.2%
Madison0.67 mi92 ft2.6%
THE MAD WALL0.40 mi89 ft3.8%
What are you thinking!1.60 mi102 ft0.3%
Madison Sprint0.31 mi-30 ft-0.6%
Bluff Hill Finish Climb0.13 mi43 ft6.0%
91st EAST (Madison to County Line) Fast Hill Sprint0.94 mi-108 ft-1.6%
County Line Sprint to Wolf Rd.0.47 mi-36 ft-0.6%
Wolf Rd N - 91st to German Church - Clipped - MN1.13 mi16 ft0.3%
Wolf Rd N - German Church to 47th - clipped - MN4.24 mi105 ft0.2%
Wolf Rd N - Climb Only! - MN0.40 mi66 ft3.0%
Us66 N Wolf to Plainfield0.83 mi62 ft1.2%
Wolf Rd N - Plainfield to 55th - Clipped - MN0.55 mi-39 ft-1.4%
Wolf North: 55th -> 47th0.89 mi-7 ft-0.1%
TDP sprint #60.28 mi7 ft0.3%