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Easter Miler

Running Route

169.14 km
1,656 m
Created By
Steve Carr 🇮🇲🇭🇰 🐉

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Intercontinental to Hong Hum3.25 km-56 m-0.2%
3kms - Waterfront promenade run SJL 3.02 km-18 m-0.0%
Science Museum Rd Climb0.91 km46 m5.1%
Hung Hom west0.17 km7 m3.8%
4Aces Hung Hom Bypass 500m (East)0.50 km10 m0.9%
Empire Centre to Hung Hum Ferry Pier 1.07 km-16 m-0.0%
Hung Hom Promenade1.82 km30 m0.9%
Dog-leg left to the-wall (sprint) SJL 0.85 km-2 m-0.1%
Shing Kai Road (W to E)1.16 km6 m0.1%
Kwun Tong Promenade Boardwalk (S-E Bound)0.91 km13 m0.4%
玉龍飛行1.66 km-3 m-0.1%
Wilson Trail (Section 3): Road to Cemetery0.60 km79 m13.0%
Richard hasn't been here yet1.35 km82 m3.7%
TKO short only Seafront 1.09 km-5 m-0.2%
Chiu Shun Rd0.74 km23 m2.7%
The full Hang Hau Road Climb - without using the bus0.71 km43 m6.0%
Clear Water Bay Road Climb0.72 km97 m13.4%
Caltex to MP0.53 km-5 m-1.0%
Nam Wai Roundabout to Pak Wai0.97 km15 m0.1%
Lions Park to Po Lo Che Road0.41 km10 m2.5%
Wai Man Road roundabout to beginning of Country Park1.62 km-26 m-0.0%
Climb from Sai Sha Rd. roundabout1.15 km60 m4.7%
June repeats0.50 km7 m1.3%
Ma On Shan Promenade 2.80 km23 m0.4%
Po Tai Stret to Science Park 5k4.99 km-28 m-0.2%
Bridge To Corner0.60 km-6 m-0.6%
Promenade Drill1.58 km-8 m-0.2%
Pak Shek Kok Promenade1.87 km8 m0.0%
Toilet to Bridge 1.5KM 1.50 km2 m0.1%
Bridge to Temple 1.5 KM1.37 km-4 m-0.2%
元洲仔公園到海濱公園0.48 km8 m1.0%
Home!0.25 km-6 m-2.4%
Wetland Boulevard. 2.25 km60 m0.4%
Tuen Mun Terminus Sprint0.83 km1 m0.0%
Butterfly Beach Park to Hoi Wong Road2.08 km4 m0.1%
hoi wong road0.44 km-12 m-2.3%
Tim's Tsing Lung Tau 5km Time Trial4.95 km33 m0.1%
Castle Peak 1km1.03 km15 m0.1%
Airport Core Programme Exhibition Centre - Tsuen Wan WestRail4.69 km-29 m-0.6%
Castle Peak Road (Ting Kau) Climb0.30 km40 m13.1%
Castle peak sprint0.30 km14 m1.8%
Castle peak sprint 20.33 km-17 m-1.0%
Usually accelerate in a good shape to merge into castle peak road0.65 km-15 m-2.3%
Kwai Chung Interchange UP to School of General Nursing & Quarters0.33 km14 m4.1%
Happy down and turn right to enjoy a fast pace for few moments under the highway bridge0.21 km13 m6.0%
LCKPark-1.2KM1.25 km-15 m-0.4%
Lai Chi Kok Part 10.50 km7 m0.4%
ManhattanHill->HoiLaiEstate0.57 km-5 m-0.9%
Jordan Road to West Kowloon0.49 km-9 m-1.4%
Victoria Towers to Canton Road Traffic Light0.24 km-2 m-0.1%