Past Two Weeks
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Cycling Route

42.15 km
135 m
This is a short and scenic route out to Chobham, past Fairoaks Airport.
Created By
Waldy Wheelers

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Olympic TT Sprint0.18 km-2 m-0.9%
Hampton Court to Littleton Lane10.87 km7 m0.0%
Palace to Waterworks2.15 km-4 m-0.1%
Hampton Court to Walton ball banger7.47 km-9 m-0.0%
Hampton Court to Hampton1.79 km4 m0.0%
Stable to Stable1.16 km-3 m0.0%
Kingston Bridge To French Street Sprint4.42 km5 m0.0%
**a walk on part in a war1.93 km5 m0.1%
Upper Sunbury Rd lights to French St roundabout2.43 km5 m0.1%
Hampton To Felix Lane4.98 km5 m0.1%
Lower Sunbury Road to Walton Bridge Road roundabout5.49 km-4 m-0.0%
Hampton-Chertsey Lights10.48 km11 m0.1%
River Road Rapido1.88 km5 m0.1%
Lower Sunbury to Marshalls5.42 km4 m0.0%
Sunbury... go like Stink 1.62 km3 m0.1%
Hampton to Chertsey Bridge9.05 km8 m0.0%
Reservoir Rapido1.84 km5 m0.0%
Lower Sunbury Mini Sprint 10.27 km0 m0.0%
Lower Sunbury Road0.72 km32 m3.5%
5KTT5.00 km3 m0.0%
7.5KTT7.50 km4 m0.0%
Waldy TT to Chertsey Round8.37 km-3 m-0.0%
Panic to the WoT Rounder4.92 km5 m0.1%
Cricket Club Dash-TFPS0.21 km1 m0.2%
Darby Crescent Sprint-TFPS0.11 km0 m0.2%
Horrid Speed Bumps1.01 km3 m0.0%
Thames Street Dash-TFPS1.03 km3 m0.1%
Green St To Loudwater Rd0.48 km2 m0.4%
Along the Fordbrdge Rd2.06 km3 m0.1%
Lower Sunbury to Chertsey Bridge5.79 km4 m0.1%
The Avenue1.14 km3 m0.0%
Dangerous Darren Always Goes For The Sprint!0.41 km1 m0.1%
Walton Bridge Roundabout Sprint0.33 km-4 m-1.2%
Shepperton Dash3.19 km0 m0.0%
Russell Road Sprint0.99 km-1 m0.0%
Esso to the Bridge TTT-TFPS3.48 km5 m0.0%
Renfree Way1.01 km2 m0.2%
Great Shepperton Escape2.01 km3 m0.0%
Into the dark1.88 km0 m0.0%
TTT to Littleton Lane-TFPS1.86 km4 m0.1%
To Sainsbury's 1.77 km4 m0.2%
Bridge Road1.01 km2 m0.2%
Chertsey Bridge Rd0.49 km3 m0.5%
Up 'n Over Chertsey Bridge0.13 km3 m1.3%
Bridge to lights0.50 km2 m0.4%
Chertsey bridge0.13 km0 m0.2%
SPCC - Chertsey Bridge Sprint to Lights0.58 km-3 m-0.2%
London Street Dash0.44 km0 m0.0%
London Street Sprint-TFPS0.25 km1 m0.1%
Bridge Bump Sprint0.14 km7 m4.7%