Around the mountain

Cycling Route

38.41 km
764 m
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Eva M
April 1, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
B4310 Climb1.90 km103 m5.4%
SB to BF3.06 km18 m0.6%
BF to Rhyd1.88 km30 m1.0%
B4337 Climb2.68 km169 m6.3%
Crazy Al's Climb3.42 km187 m5.5%
B4337 short climb2.51 km167 m6.6%
Ras y Mast4.22 km202 m4.7%
Sarn Helen Bespoke Bike Fit Hill Race2.46 km170 m6.9%
Rhos Wen Climb2.06 km81 m3.9%
Crossroad to masts0.92 km48 m3.9%
Forest to Moor0.91 km42 m4.4%
Llan looney sprint0.68 km23 m3.2%
sheep dodging at speed2.73 km-139 m-5.0%
Welsh Retreat1.59 km-109 m-6.8%
Cross Roads Climb1.85 km101 m5.5%
Descend to Brechfa6.62 km-121 m-1.8%
Hot blondes to Brechfa5.25 km-214 m-4.1%
Twisties Down3.35 km-169 m-5.0%