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LGBRC Sunday Ride Los Altos->Moody->OLH->Los Altos

Cycling Route

39.51 mi
3,389 ft
LGBRC Sunday Ride Los Altos->Moody->OLH->Los Altos
Created By
Spencer R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sprint up the hill!0.29 mi13 ft0.8%
Moody Ascent until super steep2.45 mi223 ft1.7%
Moody - El Monte to Page Mill2.79 mi581 ft3.9%
Moody - New "Official"0.49 mi292 ft11.1%
Moody - Last Half! Sprint time!0.19 mi118 ft11.4%
Pulling G's0.10 mi-39 ft-7.3%
Page Mill Descent - Altamont to Arastradero1.87 mi-509 ft-4.8%
draaaaft0.65 mi-138 ft-4.0%
Arastradero (Page Mill to Alpine)1.96 mi207 ft1.3%
Arastradero-last two bumps0.32 mi95 ft5.5%
Alpine - Arastradero to Portola Stop Sign1.12 mi171 ft2.9%
Arastradero to Los Trancos0.53 mi82 ft2.9%
Alpine Rd / Los Trancos to Portola Junction0.52 mi75 ft2.8%
Alpine — Last kicker0.39 mi115 ft5.5%
Westridge to OLH1.74 mi-128 ft-1.3%
Old La Honda (Bridge to Mailboxes)2.98 mi1,253 ft8.0%
Old La Honda - 1st Half1.68 mi659 ft7.4%
Old La Honda - Mile 10.99 mi371 ft7.0%
OLH - Bridge to first turn0.25 mi95 ft6.9%
OLH (SE): 1st Turn → Meadow0.55 mi207 ft7.0%
OLH (SW): Meadow → Martinez1.65 mi656 ft7.5%
Old La Honda - Mile 20.99 mi397 ft7.5%
Old La Honda - 2nd Half1.62 mi627 ft7.3%
Old La Honda - Mile 30.99 mi390 ft7.4%
Upenough to Mailboxes0.81 mi318 ft7.4%
OLH Mile 3 to End0.25 mi102 ft7.5%
OLH to 841.42 mi-285 ft-2.9%
OLH peak down to Portola Rd via Alice's4.93 mi-1,306 ft-4.7%
84 Descent to Stop Light1.01 mi-338 ft-6.3%
secret unflaggable 84 descent3.09 mi-925 ft-5.7%
PV: 84 Portola to Tripp0.99 mi59 ft0.9%
Tripp to Manuella Sprint0.40 mi-20 ft-0.6%
Tripp to Olive Hill1.71 mi75 ft0.1%
maze sprint0.07 mi26 ft7.4%
PV: Glenwood to Woodside0.44 mi-30 ft-1.3%
Woodside Rd Sprint: Roberts Market to Whisky Hill0.20 mi36 ft3.3%
Sand Hill Horse Park Climb0.61 mi128 ft4.0%
PV: Sand Hill Horse Park to Offramp1.47 mi108 ft0.1%
Horse Park - Top Third (just humor me, OK?)0.23 mi36 ft2.9%
The Real Addison Wesley Sprint0.17 mi33 ft3.3%
Junipero Serra Eastbound2.30 mi72 ft0.2%
Junipero Serra-Fremont Jump0.30 mi59 ft3.6%
2 tons of steel VS. 7.5kg of carbon fiber 3.02 mi-105 ft-0.3%
Stanford PG&E Construction Sprint (Strong Side)0.56 mi-33 ft-0.3%
Stanford Dish Hiking Sprint0.20 mi-13 ft-1.4%
Dish entrance to Page Mill0.35 mi-13 ft-0.5%
Dive bomb 3.25 mi112 ft0.3%
Foothill, Arastradero to El Monte2.33 mi128 ft1.0%
Foothill - San Antonio to El Monte0.22 mi13 ft1.0%
LGBRC Sunday end-point sprint0.43 mi-46 ft-1.3%