Echo Cherry Mabel

Cycling Route

133.81 km
1,569 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Creighton Valley Pavement7.53 km123 m1.6%
Echo Lake Climb16.21 km379 m2.3%
Ferry Creek Climb1.70 km97 m5.7%
Cherryville to Rawlings Lake Road12.75 km161 m0.5%
Shafer Rd Climb2.57 km151 m5.8%
Brawling Mable28.60 km-161 m-0.4%
Rawlings Lake Climb0.76 km36 m4.7%
Down to Shuswap Falls (North)1.08 km-37 m-3.4%
Bridging Mabel18.23 km-66 m-0.2%
Blast along the Shuswap north1.66 km24 m1.4%
Mabel Lake to Rawlings Lake Road23.00 km114 m0.4%
Lumby Mable Lake Road Climb1.78 km166 m9.2%
William Won't Wait for R.L.Rd.5.03 km59 m1.1%
The Picnic's Over15.33 km69 m0.2%
Straight up past Rawlings Lake Rd2.70 km54 m2.0%
Rawlings Rd to The Bridge4.39 km-53 m-0.8%
Mabel Lake Road Climb1.91 km88 m4.6%