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Clitheroe - Gisburn - Dunsop Route (30 miles).

Cycling Route

34.06 mi
2,624 ft
START at Ribble Valley E-Bikes, Clitheroe
> Waddington Arms, Waddington
> Coach & Horses, Bolton-By-Bowland
> Gisburn Forest Hub, Gisburn
> Hark To Bounty, Slaidburn
> Parkers Arms, Newton
> The Inn at Whitewell, Whitewell
> The Red Pump, Bashall Eaves
> FINISH at Ribble Valley E-Bikes, Clitheroe
Created By
Ribble-Valley E-Bikes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
clitheroe-waddington1.27 mi-66 ft-0.3%
Carry that speed0.30 mi52 ft0.9%
Waddy Sprint0.63 mi30 ft0.2%
Higher Buck to Eaves Hall Lane0.85 mi52 ft0.5%
waddington to grindleton brook2.15 mi-56 ft-0.2%
Waddington 2 sawley3.57 mi-161 ft-0.3%
Higher Buck sprint1.25 mi-62 ft-0.2%
Grindleton Brow0.24 mi105 ft8.2%
grindleton to sawley junction1.18 mi-135 ft-1.9%
grindleton to bolton by bowland3.38 mi-131 ft-0.4%
Brake you lose.0.61 mi-112 ft-2.6%
Sawley to Bolton by Bowland2.07 mi82 ft0.7%
S2BBB1.27 mi59 ft0.9%
Holden Lane0.55 mi131 ft4.4%
not at the top yet so don't stop lol2.41 mi492 ft3.9%
Tinklers/Dugdale (full climb)3.53 mi551 ft2.2%
grrrrr0.67 mi115 ft3.2%
that straight bit0.16 mi-16 ft-1.5%
Last up and down from stephen park0.67 mi69 ft0.3%
berms0.19 mi-52 ft-4.9%
Berms Section near car park0.13 mi-46 ft-6.7%
Tinklers descent1.08 mi-292 ft-5.0%
Slaidburn to Newton1.59 mi-174 ft-0.2%
Slaidburn to Dunsop4.14 mi-249 ft-0.5%
You only think this is hazardous if you're a joke ;-)0.19 mi121 ft11.9%
Newton to Dunsop2.40 mi-151 ft-0.9%
Wood End Cottages Climb0.48 mi315 ft12.2%
Dunsop Bridge climb0.17 mi20 ft2.0%
Forestry Houses Climb0.19 mi262 ft25.7%
Dunsop bridge to Whitewell2.22 mi-95 ft-0.4%
Bridge to Bridge1.01 mi-39 ft-0.7%
Climb out of Whitewell1.68 mi131 ft1.5%
Climb South from Whitewell1.00 mi115 ft2.1%
Hall Hill Climb0.31 mi39 ft1.6%
trees to view west0.64 mi56 ft1.6%
Park Gate Cottages Climb0.29 mi30 ft1.8%
Middle Lees to Edisford Bridge Pub5.60 mi-430 ft-0.7%
Short but Sweet1.74 mi177 ft1.9%
Middle Lees Blast (up)0.87 mi144 ft3.1%
Park Gate Cottages Climb0.34 mi62 ft3.4%
Cow Ark Brook to New Lane4.46 mi-410 ft-1.7%
extended bashall sprint2.80 mi-344 ft-2.3%
Browsholm Gatehouse Dash0.19 mi33 ft2.7%
Full Bash Dash from Descent0.80 mi-52 ft-1.2%
Bashall Barn sprint to Edisford bridge pub0.96 mi-69 ft-1.2%
edisford bridge0.24 mi-36 ft-0.4%
Peter Boast's Choad Choices' Escape Route0.32 mi39 ft2.1%
Clitheroe's Keep-Fat Centre climb0.10 mi23 ft4.1%
bridge up past gym to st pauls0.35 mi39 ft2.0%
Eddy's Ford Folly0.68 mi59 ft1.6%