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Deep Creek

Cycling Route

128.4 km
1,214 m
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OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kal Bump2.15 km-20 m-0.3%
Kal rd bike path north1.92 km-16 m-0.3%
Hwy 6 Peel0.33 km12 m3.4%
The "Original" Butcher Boy Sprint0.42 km12 m2.8%
PV from Butcher Boys to Underpass6.70 km-29 m-0.4%
Frank's Sprint1.35 km6 m0.1%
O'Keefe Bomb1.49 km-60 m-4.0%
Your Momma4.52 km63 m1.2%
Larkin X Uphill0.80 km31 m3.8%
Larkin West TT2.43 km11 m0.5%
crozier false flat - otter lk x to pv0.85 km21 m2.4%
Powerhouse North3.96 km-51 m-0.8%
McLeod Rd Hill0.53 km18 m3.3%
Stay Off 97A16.65 km65 m0.0%
Armstrong to Enderby backroad10.52 km52 m0.3%
MountainView Upper Hill Northbound2.23 km33 m0.4%
back Enderby roads11.39 km-74 m-0.2%
Rollers to Enderby3.79 km48 m1.2%
Enderby Grindrod8.09 km-27 m-0.3%
Berry Rd Climb2.82 km148 m5.3%
Springbend to Hadow1.08 km61 m5.6%
Springbend climb2.12 km126 m6.0%
Gardom lake road east climb1.97 km72 m3.6%
Milk Mountain0.43 km11 m2.5%
Farm to Farm Climb0.60 km19 m3.1%
Schubert Speedway8.43 km-156 m-1.8%
Morning Wood0.93 km-2 m-0.2%
Otter Lake Road S11.56 km35 m0.1%
Armstrong TT Training Back7.49 km40 m0.0%
Otter Lake Road Sprint Climb0.53 km28 m4.9%
Otter Lake Hill Sprint0.34 km18 m5.3%
Vernon TT course back6.52 km-35 m-0.4%
let's eat2.13 km9 m0.1%
Hwy 97 hill1.04 km49 m4.7%
Okanagan Climb2.49 km60 m2.4%
Old Kamloops Road S8.93 km-55 m-0.5%
old kamloops rd S to light7.70 km-28 m-0.2%
Old Kamloops Bump0.62 km24 m3.8%
wwwwwhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!1.26 km-30 m-2.2%
Time the light0.46 km-6 m-0.9%
Polson to the beach3.13 km20 m0.3%
FORE!1.15 km16 m1.4%
Kal rd bike path south1.96 km17 m0.4%