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Dunsop - Trough of Bowland Loop 30 miles

Cycling Route

32.33 mi
2,863 ft
Dunsop Bridge >
12 miles >
Dolphinholme (The Fleece) >
12 miles >
Chipping (The Red Pump) >
6 miles >
Dunsop Bridge
Created By
Ribble-Valley E-Bikes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dunsop Bridge climb0.17 mi20 ft2.0%
Dunsop to Marshaw5.89 mi666 ft0.4%
Dunsop - Trough3.08 mi650 ft4.0%
TROUGH of BOWLAND - Sprint over first 2 Cattle Grids1.87 mi180 ft1.8%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No75 Trough of Bowland1.29 mi423 ft6.2%
Int' big dog! 0.92 mi220 ft4.5%
Boundary Hill steep part!0.36 mi269 ft13.3%
Down the Trough2.63 mi-453 ft-3.3%
Trough Descent0.73 mi-259 ft-6.7%
Catshaw Climb 12.34 mi144 ft1.2%
Trough Rd Climb 0.48 mi125 ft4.8%
Catshaw Going South3.02 mi-180 ft-0.7%
RaSP Peak and Drop0.66 mi-46 ft-1.0%
"You will own nothing and you will be happy"0.92 mi128 ft2.6%
Lunge to Long Lane2.43 mi-400 ft-2.8%
Woody twistydownhill1.50 mi-344 ft-4.3%
Marshaw Dropsy (just the twisty bits)0.72 mi-157 ft-4.1%
Long street0.61 mi-82 ft-2.5%
Street climb0.29 mi75 ft5.0%
Give it the bifters downhill :-)1.49 mi85 ft0.2%
Give it the Bifters 1 :-)0.68 mi-85 ft-1.7%
Riv to res2.59 mi427 ft3.1%
PedalFest Power (Epic Events)3.51 mi486 ft2.6%
Long Lane to Chipping10.61 mi492 ft0.2%
OLD VERSION - The row0.47 mi148 ft5.9%
The Row Climb1.06 mi279 ft5.0%
RVCRC HC Club version 20130.42 mi157 ft6.7%
Harris End Hell!0.59 mi180 ft5.7%
2nd half of THE ROW0.39 mi118 ft5.7%
Grizedale N to S0.90 mi89 ft0.6%
CRC Grisedale Reservoir HC0.17 mi66 ft7.2%
Delph Pain0.90 mi217 ft4.3%
Last ramp to Freedom0.31 mi95 ft5.8%
Oakenclough Climb towards Beacon Fell1.80 mi-272 ft-2.0%
Delph Lane Bumps1.04 mi-249 ft-4.6%
Watch them pot holes0.65 mi-187 ft-5.4%
Delph Lane to Chipping5.70 mi-299 ft-0.4%
Bleasdale Big Dipper0.31 mi-26 ft-0.4%
Booommmmm!0.98 mi-52 ft-0.1%
Robinsons Rise THR0.22 mi36 ft3.1%
Speed Check0.09 mi16 ft3.1%
blast into chipping1.16 mi-233 ft-3.7%
Sprint Chipping to Chaigley0.47 mi-56 ft-1.8%
Chipping to Dunsop7.32 mi230 ft0.1%
Gibbon Bridge fly by0.69 mi-36 ft-1.0%
Doeford Squirt Up0.26 mi62 ft3.6%
Legs Climb2.68 mi194 ft0.5%
Roman Road North0.30 mi30 ft1.9%
Whitewell River Run0.77 mi-52 ft-0.9%
Inn at Whitewell to Dunsop Bridge2.21 mi66 ft0.4%