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Dunsop / Wray / Cross of Greet loop - 40 miles

Cycling Route

37.56 mi
4,694 ft
Dunsop Bridge >
4 miles >
Slaidburn (Hark to Bounty) >
15 miles >
Wray (The George & Dragon, The Inn at Wray) >
10 miles >
Cross Of Greet >
5 miles >
Stocks Reservoir >
2 miles >
Slaidburn (Hark to Bounty) >
4 miles >
Dunsop Bridge

Created By
Ribble-Valley E-Bikes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dunsop cafe to Newton2.38 mi154 ft1.2%
dunsop uphill sprint0.25 mi59 ft4.0%
Newton to Slaidburn1.46 mi200 ft0.2%
Steep climb from Newton-in Bowland 0.30 mi157 ft9.8%
Boom0.33 mi-59 ft-2.4%
Rock House to Col du Woodhouse Peak0.28 mi108 ft7.3%
Wood House Dead End1.46 mi262 ft2.8%
Gravel Rush: Salter Fell11.41 mi-981 ft-0.4%
salter fell climb north3.24 mi768 ft4.5%
Croasdale Ascent2.60 mi522 ft3.8%
Hornby Rd - FULL SALTER FELL Track 7.66 mi-545 ft-0.1%
Slatey stabby b@st@rd0.21 mi105 ft8.5%
Wood House Ln Climb0.86 mi354 ft7.2%
Down Salter 2.99 mi-689 ft-4.3%
Salter drop North West2.10 mi-69 ft-0.6%
Witches Revenge0.70 mi226 ft5.4%
Moor Lane climb southside0.74 mi230 ft5.8%
Fast Wray to Way1.51 mi-486 ft-6.0% mi-259 ft-6.3%
wray to top9.01 mi1,217 ft2.5%
Wray to Slaidburn15.15 mi1,240 ft0.4%
Long Lane Wray0.76 mi157 ft3.9%
Mill Houses Berg0.30 mi105 ft6.6%
Mewith Lane1.12 mi157 ft2.2%
Mewith Lnae - Smithy1.99 mi177 ft1.4%
Aah! Escape from Yorkshire!2.17 mi381 ft3.3%
Slaidburn rd climb from Mewith Lane0.92 mi276 ft5.6%
Tatham Fell - Slaidburn9.72 mi-912 ft-0.6%
Cross O' Greet from Aikengill Rd3.53 mi673 ft3.1%
Cross O'Greet (Southbound)2.63 mi643 ft4.5%
Moorcock, ma'am?0.54 mi194 ft6.8%
Lythe Fell Rd (North side)0.87 mi381 ft8.0%
Lythe Fell Rd Climb0.52 mi315 ft11.4%
C-o-G descent 1.81 mi-600 ft-6.2%
Down to the River we Rode1.81 mi-610 ft-6.4%
Top of Greet to Slaidburn 6.23 mi-902 ft-2.7%
2nd Descent1.52 mi-479 ft-6.0%
3rd Descent1.34 mi-397 ft-5.6%
Lower Lythe Fell descent0.91 mi-266 ft-5.5%
Lythe Fell Rd Woods to Top1.88 mi289 ft2.3%
🇹🇿 John Magufuli did not die of natural causes0.32 mi98 ft5.6%
Round Two after Tatham climb3.27 mi-591 ft-2.3%
Excrement0.40 mi184 ft8.6%
Slaidburn to Newton1.59 mi-174 ft-0.2%
Slaidburn to Dunsop4.14 mi-249 ft-0.5%
You only think this is hazardous if you're a joke ;-)0.19 mi121 ft11.9%
Steep horrible hill!!0.23 mi125 ft10.1%
Climb out of Slaidburn0.17 mi115 ft12.5%
Newton to Dunsop2.40 mi-151 ft-0.9%
Wood End Cottages Climb0.48 mi315 ft12.2%