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Cat 2 XC Medium Course 2022 BigBear #3

Cycling Route

17.97 mi
1,749 ft
Cat 2 Medium Course Starting 1.1 miles up 2N10 from Bear Mountain at the intersection of 2N10 and 2N10D/F. Climb -2N10- Rt on Coyote(2N51Y)-2N08, stay LT continuing on 2N08 all the way to Grandview Pt. Rt on 2N10 to Lt on Clark's Grade (opposite Plantation, Gate WILL be closed you WILL have to ride around the gate), Lt on Skyline Single track to Grandview Point, out onto and RT on 2N10 to Heliport to Skyline Single track all the way to Cross 2N10 at the top of Fern, Descending Fern, Left following the marked course to Join Bristlecone, and a Hard left up a berm to finish at Snow Summit.
Created By
Jeff C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2017Crafts&Cranks: start to Plantation6.93 mi486 ft0.4%
USCup start to 2N51Y cutoff1.81 mi364 ft3.3%
2016 Crafts & Cranks Start to Summit1.33 mi361 ft5.2%
16 2n100.43 mi151 ft6.6%
Skipped Fire Road0.30 mi102 ft6.4%
Coyote DH0.75 mi-348 ft-8.8%
coyote descent 2M54Y0.92 mi-341 ft-7.0%
Coyote to 2N080.92 mi-341 ft-6.6%
Coyote to Grandview turn off3.24 mi-344 ft-1.8%
2N08 (from 2N51Y) to 2N171.72 mi-72 ft-0.4%
2019_0622 - 2N08 Crossing Pine Knot to Plantation2.47 mi279 ft1.5%
2N08 TO PLANTATION1.70 mi217 ft1.7%
Skyline Clarks to Pineknot 1E012.65 mi-230 ft-1.5%
Medium second half 8/2/209.14 mi-623 ft-1.0%
Skyline From Clarks To 1E01 Pineknot2.58 mi-203 ft-1.4%
Skyline Clarks to Grandview2.60 mi-259 ft-1.4%
Clarks to trick or treat-tetons0.98 mi75 ft0.8%
Tetons descent 0.36 mi-85 ft-3.4%
Four little bitches0.94 mi190 ft3.8%
Heli pad to powerline road0.40 mi-33 ft-0.9%
Heli Pad to Finish6.55 mi-1,024 ft-2.4%
Skyline Helipad to Pirates3.11 mi230 ft0.2%
Skyline Trail West-East2.86 mi210 ft0.2%
Last of Skyline1.47 mi-131 ft-0.7%
Rise & Shine0.76 mi56 ft0.4%
Skyline East DH0.74 mi-135 ft-3.4%
First Climb on Plumbers 0.37 mi59 ft0.1%
Poking The Bear #ninety74.13 mi-804 ft-3.6%
New upper Plumbers down 1.00 mi-171 ft-2.8%
Upper Plumbers Skyline Trail0.98 mi-194 ft-3.4%
New Plumbers top to bottom 2.07 mi-456 ft-4.0%
Skyline Pirates to Start2.26 mi-499 ft-3.9%
Skyline Pirates to 2N510.97 mi-226 ft-3.8%
Upper Pirates Descent0.61 mi-190 ft-5.9%
Start of plumbers (Skyline trail) 2016 0.50 mi-69 ft-2.6%
Skyline 2N51 to Start1.22 mi-335 ft-4.5%
Climb up from the road0.22 mi52 ft3.7%
New Plumbers to Finish2.29 mi-725 ft-5.6%
Lower Plumbers1.09 mi-344 ft-5.3%
New Lower Plumbers (Skyline Trail)0.87 mi-331 ft-6.3%
Stage 41.09 mi-328 ft-5.7%
Crafts n Cranks enduro 20.93 mi-295 ft-6.0%
Lower Plumbers DH0.75 mi-249 ft-6.1%
Fern dh singletrack0.65 mi-200 ft-5.8%
Down new Fern0.90 mi-302 ft-6.2%
New Fern - No parking lot0.91 mi-315 ft-6.5%
Fern DH 20170.76 mi-253 ft-6.3%
New lower Fern0.41 mi-141 ft-6.4%
Bristlecone zig zags 0.36 mi-49 ft-2.2%
Old finish to New finish0.65 mi23 ft0.2%