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2022 Sydney Zoo2Zoo Day 2 (Katoomba to Bathurst)

Cycling Route

116.23 km
2,078 m
Day 2 of the 2022 Sydney to Dubbo Zoo2Zoo (Friday 14 October 2022)
Created By Zoo2Zoo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
skyway climb4.08 km95 m1.3%
Cliff drive1.62 km88 m2.9%
Scenic World Sprint Point 0.46 km22 m4.7%
Kamillaroi - Narrowneck Climb1.44 km59 m2.5%
Cyclorama Point - Cliff Drive Katoomba0.72 km46 m6.4%
Skyway to Highway3.63 km164 m2.0%
death hill0.55 km69 m8.2%
Cliff Dr Climb0.30 km95 m30.7%
Cliff Dr, Golf course to Fire station1.81 km57 m2.8%
BMD 61.49 km53 m2.8%
Final Hill0.34 km21 m5.9%
Blue Mountains Gravel2.60 km51 m1.3%
Medlow Hill0.60 km43 m6.6%
Medlow Gravel Grind Pinch0.40 km39 m9.7%
hydro sprint0.36 km6 m0.2%
The Bath to the Heath4.18 km47 m0.3%
Hat Hill Rd to Mt Boyce2.51 km24 m0.8%
Harley to PYC lash1.68 km-32 m-0.7%
DC Big Dipper0.37 km20 m1.4%
Hartley Vale Descent2.72 km-188 m-6.9%
Descent to Bridge3.74 km-200 m-5.3%
Gap Rd Bridge Hill Effort1.41 km33 m2.2%
The Gap climb2.31 km245 m10.5%
Hassan Walls Rd Climb2.04 km225 m11.0%
Browns Hill 10.50 km48 m9.5%
gap hill repeats1.24 km145 m11.6%
headwind 20001.97 km-85 m-4.2%
Mort St Rise0.31 km8 m1.8%
Home Charge 2.30 km42 m1.5%
cemetery0.81 km17 m2.1%
garage to top of goulds hill1.26 km62 m4.8%
goulds hill just the climb 0.56 km56 m10.0%
Gould's Hill0.44 km42 m7.6%
Long Climb Lake to Rydal Rd junction3.13 km183 m5.9%
Lot 64 Rydal Hampton Rd Climb1.86 km164 m8.8%
Magpie wall the hard bit0.57 km69 m12.0%
Ski Ramp Climb0.61 km66 m10.7%
Get you warm0.68 km48 m7.1%
Mutton Falls Rd - East West18.21 km-168 m-0.5%
Short N Sweet0.67 km38 m5.6%
Lot 121 Mutton Falls Rd Climb1.74 km102 m5.9%
Muttons fall Rd climb2.19 km107 m4.9%
Cafe to Bridge1.70 km-10 m-0.5%
O'Connell Road Climb1.30 km63 m4.8%
Saltwater Ck-Armitage Ln4.01 km80 m2.0%
Tarana Rd to Gilmore St8.28 km-101 m-0.6%
Descent to Scots3.32 km-76 m-2.3%
Blue Ridge Lee St1.64 km-30 m-1.8%
lights to lights1.20 km-20 m-1.7%
Stocklands Sprint0.58 km5 m0.6%