Past Month

Flat to Hills 52 Ride

Cycling Route

52.0 mi
4,432 ft
Join us for the Flat to Hills 52 Mile Ride that begins and ends in front of FYE Sports. We will be providing Nutrition to Riders pre-ride and Snacks and Coffee after.
Created By
Michael Young

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
The Hour Tree 16.23 mi902 ft1.0%
Exeter HS to the Dynamite Shack9.52 mi413 ft0.5%
Exeter HS to the Y5.05 mi413 ft0.4%
Rocky Hill front1.23 mi400 ft6.1%
Rocky - Canal to the First Turn0.71 mi240 ft6.3%
Climb/Descend/Sprint to Yokohl2.94 mi397 ft0.5%
Official Rocky Hill Climb1.10 mi351 ft5.9%
Rocky Hill Front - First turn to the top0.47 mi128 ft5.1%
Rocky Hill Backside Chicane Drop0.97 mi-299 ft-5.8%
Yokohl To Oak Tree7.96 mi614 ft1.4%
Yokohl dr to Fire Station13.96 mi1,444 ft2.0%
Yokohl Valley ITT Out5.30 mi282 ft1.0%
Visalia Senior Games 5K TT3.11 mi102 ft0.5%
Yokohl Dr to Blueridge 15.56 mi2,139 ft2.6%
First Little Kicker0.33 mi56 ft1.9%
Powerline1.16 mi187 ft3.0%
Dynamite Shack (now gone) to the Top of the Oak Tree3.38 mi482 ft2.6%
power line climb0.52 mi118 ft4.3%
Oak Tree1.84 mi377 ft3.9%
False Flats0.61 mi69 ft2.2%
Oak Tree 1-Mile Climb1.03 mi272 ft5.0%
Final Climb To The Red Gate3.26 mi456 ft2.6%
Yokohl Blue Ridge Full Climb6.95 mi1,614 ft4.4%
Milo Firestation to Blueridge3.44 mi1,033 ft5.7%
Fire Station to First Curve0.37 mi141 ft7.2%
Firestation to Blueridge1.92 mi531 ft5.2%
Blue Ridge climb1.37 mi371 ft5.1%
Sprint to the top of Blueridge0.20 mi26 ft2.5%
Blue Ridge to the Milo Stop Sign3.17 mi-794 ft-4.7%
Complete Backside Blue Ridge3.24 mi856 ft5.0%
Blue Ridge downhill7.55 mi-1,673 ft-4.1%
Blueridge Downhill from the top4.81 mi-1,319 ft-5.2%
Fire Station to the Y13.96 mi-1,444 ft-2.0%
Firestation to Oak Tree5.93 mi-948 ft-2.6%
Oak Tree to the Y7.92 mi-594 ft-1.4%
1 Mile Oak Tree Descent0.89 mi-279 ft-5.9%
Oak Tree to the Powerlines2.17 mi-367 ft-2.6%
False Flat going back to the Powerlines0.97 mi-108 ft-2.0%
Backside of Powerlines0.49 mi79 ft2.7%
Powerlines to what we used to call the Dynamite Shack1.05 mi-190 ft-3.4%
Dynamite Shack to the Y4.40 mi-131 ft-0.6%
The Wall0.21 mi16 ft1.4%
Hammer to the Y2.74 mi-92 ft-0.6%
Sprint to the Last Oak Tree0.62 mi-20 ft-0.5%
Headwind Grind1.02 mi43 ft0.7%
Myers Hill - Back0.51 mi144 ft5.2%
Myer Burst1.99 mi-325 ft-3.1%
Capsu to the Canal1.12 mi-249 ft-4.0%
Canal Capsu0.91 mi-82 ft-1.6%
Myer's Drive Packing House W/B0.84 mi-7 ft-0.2%