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LGBRC South County V1

Cycling Route

57.43 mi
3,171 ft
A ride with some short climbs and plenty of rollers. Pit stop at Calero S. Entrance for potty and water
Created By
Everyday Heroes Athletics Coach Ben

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kennedy from Los Gatos to Teresita1.19 mi135 ft1.9%
Kennedy Rd Climb1.91 mi413 ft4.3%
Kennedy Road - Longmeadow to S Kennedy0.41 mi69 ft3.1%
Kennedy - S Kennedy to Forrester0.29 mi46 ft1.0%
Kennedy - Forrester to Top1.01 mi305 ft5.7%
Steep part of Kennedy0.40 mi190 ft8.9%
To the top0.33 mi49 ft2.8%
Kennedy Descent - East to Shannon1.00 mi-315 ft-5.8%
Shannon DH - Kennedy to Hicks0.64 mi-121 ft-3.5%
Hicks Rd. - Shannon to Camden0.93 mi-59 ft-1.2%
Hicks Rd from Rocky Ridge Trail to Camden0.56 mi-23 ft-0.7%
Camden Ave from Coleman0.62 mi128 ft3.9%
Camden Bump0.13 mi39 ft5.9%
Camden Ave Over and Out1.31 mi-148 ft-0.4%
Calcaterra to Queensbridge0.57 mi33 ft1.1%
Amaden to McKean by any means necessary0.33 mi-52 ft-2.5%
McKean - Harry to Oak Glenn8.56 mi423 ft0.5%
McKean - Harry to Fortini1.25 mi66 ft1.0%
McKean Road - Fortini to Shillingsburg0.37 mi-13 ft-0.2%
McKean Road - Shillingsburg to McKean Bend0.45 mi-23 ft-0.2%
McKean Rd - McKean Bend to Bailey2.03 mi148 ft1.1%
DAM Calero climb0.85 mi92 ft2.0%
Calero Dam Climb and Cinnabar Hill3.65 mi367 ft1.9%
McKeane south - Bailey to Cinnabar1.06 mi52 ft0.9%
McKean up1.53 mi197 ft2.4%
Cinabar hill0.68 mi210 ft5.8%
Dam to stop 🛑 0.51 mi-82 ft-3.1%
Sycamore - Oak Glen to peak0.89 mi184 ft3.9%
Sycamore (steep side)0.33 mi154 ft8.6%
Uvas Rd (Watsonville Rd to Oak Glen Ave)7.81 mi312 ft0.3%
uvas roller 10.17 mi36 ft4.1%
Solar Panel Climb0.82 mi66 ft1.5%
Happy Trails Return10.11 mi-427 ft-0.5%
Cinnabar KOM (Uvas, Northbound)0.34 mi85 ft4.7%
Cinnabar Decent 0.96 mi-256 ft-5.1%
Bailey Sign Sprint1.65 mi-262 ft-2.8%
Bailey to Harry4.13 mi-203 ft-0.8%
McKeane North - Calero Lake to Calero Park2.01 mi-125 ft-0.9%
Camden North - from Harry to Redmond2.35 mi-105 ft-0.8%
Hollis' Wallace Sprint0.52 mi-10 ft-0.4%
Starting up Hicks to Shannon0.92 mi43 ft0.8%
Shannon From Hicks to Kennedy0.65 mi118 ft3.3%
Up Shannon from Hicks0.37 mi75 ft3.7%
East Shannon1.21 mi-1,178 ft-0.0%
Shannon Rd - Kennedy to Santa Rosa0.22 mi98 ft8.3%
Shannon - Kennedy to Sky0.53 mi226 ft8.0%
Shannon Rd - Santa Rosa to Sky0.35 mi138 ft7.2%
Shannon-DH1.58 mi-344 ft-3.8%
Shannon Descent [WB] - Speed Trap0.36 mi-154 ft-8.0%
Shannon Descent - Westbound1.12 mi-289 ft-4.9%