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Heart of Gold Medium Route

Cycling Route

46.42 mi
7,129 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SWet Hill0.54 mi79 ft2.7%
Rector/Rock Jct to Hudson/Rock Jct1.62 mi423 ft4.9%
Rock creek to RM parking1.14 mi568 ft9.1%
Jeannette to Moonlight Climb1.13 mi568 ft9.5%
Upper Rock Creek Road Climb0.34 mi171 ft9.1%
Edwards DH1.05 mi-745 ft-13.3%
Edwards to initial crest of Back Bone5.16 mi2,083 ft7.4%
N Bloomfield Granitevill Climb1.44 mi584 ft7.7%
North Bloomfield climb from Edwards Crossing to Lake City3.88 mi1,430 ft7.0%
Ed's Dirty Gut Punch0.42 mi269 ft11.9%
North Bloomfield climb from Edwards Crossing to top of Backbone Road7.11 mi2,192 ft5.8%
Mountain Spring Rd Climb0.97 mi564 ft10.9%
Edwards Crossing to Cruzon Grade6.18 mi2,310 ft7.1%
Edward's Grizzly attack1.39 mi686 ft9.3%
Ed's Bridge to Grizzley Intersection climb1.31 mi646 ft9.3%
N Bloomfield Granitevill Climb1.76 mi591 ft6.4%
N Bloomfield Granitevill Climb1.59 mi577 ft6.9%
Back Bone Rd3.59 mi886 ft3.8%
Lake City to Cruzon (dirt only)2.51 mi827 ft6.2%
Back Bone2.37 mi738 ft5.9%
Mobley Spur Road Climb1.25 mi354 ft5.3%
N Bloomfield Granitevill Climb1.16 mi358 ft5.8%
Turnagain Arm to Tyler on Grizzly1.19 mi292 ft3.8%
Power Cool Down4.80 mi-768 ft-3.0%
School house jam4.55 mi-741 ft-3.1%
Miller time1.81 mi341 ft3.0%
Purdupdown3.50 mi-807 ft-2.8%
Purdon Rd Climb0.72 mi305 ft8.0%
Down + Up Purdon4.61 mi-827 ft-0.3%
Purdon Rd Down1.48 mi-735 ft-9.4%
Purdon Gravel Crush Ultramax 30001.57 mi604 ft7.3%
Purdon Crossing to Rector Road2.95 mi758 ft4.8%
Flume Trail Flat Part0.28 mi-39 ft-1.2%
RCR - Bridge to LVP2.03 mi184 ft1.7%
Rock Creek to NBrd via Lake Vera0.42 mi217 ft9.7%