Cronberry loop

Cycling Route

24.46 mi
1,610 ft
Created By
Mark H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lights to memorial sprint0.26 mi16 ft0.8%
Mauchline to Catrine Downhill2.19 mi-197 ft-1.5%
Mauchline Muirkirk circuit23.18 mi456 ft0.1%
Mauchline to the Avenue12.92 mi440 ft0.3%
Auchinleck Short Cut1.75 mi102 ft0.6%
McPheators Mile0.95 mi72 ft0.8%
Wee Dipper0.18 mi23 ft0.2%
Commondyke Drag0.72 mi72 ft1.8%
Common corners0.29 mi-13 ft-0.5%
Cronberry Cruise1.28 mi49 ft0.3%
Riverside Dash0.45 mi-46 ft-0.5%
CRE To Frenches2.14 mi56 ft0.5%
A70 Section to Bottom of the Avenue3.93 mi-128 ft-0.1%
Cronberry to sorn10.88 mi-367 ft-0.4%
French to Boghead0.84 mi89 ft1.5%
Avenue bridge to junction0.45 mi85 ft3.0%
Avenue0.38 mi82 ft3.9%
Tap o the Avenue to the Swingin Brig2.41 mi-131 ft-1.0%
Cronberry TT last 6 miles5.73 mi-157 ft-0.3%
Last straight bit in reverse0.36 mi-43 ft-2.1%
Lovely new Road 1.08 mi-95 ft-1.5%
Straight Tree0.34 mi-16 ft-0.3%
HHiADown0.24 mi-49 ft-3.6%
Limmerhaugh brae0.21 mi46 ft3.9%
Limmerhaugh to Dalgain2.91 mi112 ft0.1%
Flatish Bit0.49 mi39 ft1.1%
Bend to Farm0.33 mi43 ft2.5%
BandB to Corner0.44 mi-16 ft-0.4%
Cronberry TT - Last Mile1.00 mi-52 ft-1.0%
Cronberry TT last 600 yards0.33 mi-16 ft-1.0%
Hillhead to Sorn downhill0.77 mi-240 ft-5.8%
Dalgain brae down0.47 mi-213 ft-8.5%
Sorn to Mauchline Hilltop3.09 mi243 ft1.5%
Graveyard Climb0.17 mi36 ft4.0%
Sorn Steep Bit0.34 mi98 ft5.5%
Sorn Castle to Mauchline Hill2.66 mi213 ft1.0%
Brig to Highouse0.29 mi79 ft5.0%
Mauchline Hill0.57 mi105 ft2.6%
Cessnock Brae0.34 mi98 ft5.4%