Cycling Route

19.83 mi
1,405 ft
Created By
Mark H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mauchline to Sinclairston Junction9.28 mi276 ft0.1%
Barskimming Road Descent from Mauchline1.28 mi-217 ft-3.2%
Graveyard Shift0.46 mi-102 ft-4.1%
Sold Down the River0.34 mi62 ft1.6%
Barskimming Rd climb proper finish0.77 mi125 ft2.2%
Barskimming Road Climb from River Ayr0.51 mi92 ft3.4%
Fox Reverse3.10 mi112 ft0.5%
Round The Bend0.40 mi23 ft0.3%
Cross to Farm Sprint0.25 mi-16 ft-1.1%
Into Drongan0.68 mi36 ft0.8%
Drongan to Bonnyton1.86 mi151 ft1.3%
To Hayhill 0.70 mi49 ft0.7%
Bonnyton to Sinclairston1.04 mi43 ft0.3%
Bonnyton to Burnton2.96 mi92 ft0.0%
through sinclairston0.31 mi36 ft2.2%
Sinclairston to A703.33 mi-131 ft-0.3%
Sinlairston to Burnton1.80 mi-46 ft-0.3%
sinclairston to motetoll3.30 mi-128 ft-0.3%
burnton to A701.48 mi-82 ft-0.3%
run past steelpark0.92 mi-154 ft-3.2%
Steelpark downhill0.76 mi-141 ft-3.5%
Fox sprint finish0.26 mi-23 ft-0.3%
Barskimming Rd Climb to Old Creamery (Revised)0.22 mi69 ft4.2%
Barskimming Rd Climb to Old Creamery0.26 mi85 ft6.0%
Barskimming Rd Climb from Old Creamery0.81 mi98 ft2.3%
Cemetery hill0.24 mi59 ft4.5%
Last push0.20 mi36 ft3.4%