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Lake Loop

Cycling Route

117.24 mi
14,957 ft
Created By
Paul C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Vista Point Climb0.41 mi171 ft7.8%
Full Vista Point & Lakeview Climbs to TRT1.40 mi440 ft5.9%
Lakeview Ridge ascent0.79 mi243 ft5.8%
Lakeview ridge to Watson TRT0.36 mi82 ft4.2%
Watson lookout climb0.72 mi331 ft8.3%
Brockway TRT DH to Fiberboard Freeway1.06 mi-328 ft-5.7%
Trt to 267 DH0.60 mi-203 ft-6.4%
Old Mt Rose hwy to Mt Rose hwy connector0.76 mi-36 ft-0.4%
Incline Flume - Hwy 431 to DP3.59 mi-115 ft-0.4%
Incline Flume Flat Section2.92 mi-141 ft-0.5%
Improved Incline Flume - Southbound4.21 mi-167 ft-0.7%
DP to Ponderosa1.69 mi-125 ft-0.5%
Nfd 041 Trail Climb0.66 mi341 ft9.8%
Flume: Tunnel to Dismount1.79 mi23 ft0.2%
Flume Trail to Marlette Lake4.29 mi102 ft0.4%
Dismount to Marlette Lake2.57 mi95 ft0.7%
Flume Race - Final Climb0.69 mi289 ft7.9%
Natl Forest Develop Road 039 Rd Climb0.69 mi272 ft7.5%
TRT-Spooner South to 1st Rd2.11 mi646 ft5.5%
New Kingsbury Stinger: Rim Trail Almost to Burke Creek3.07 mi-725 ft-4.5%
Little Sting1.49 mi-318 ft-4.0%
Kingsbury Stinger: Lower Lookout Rock to Top of Meadow near Burke Creek0.78 mi-308 ft-7.4%
Short DH Top of Hill to Bridge0.22 mi-108 ft-9.4%
Cypress way to van Sickle Trail1.33 mi295 ft4.1%
Powerline - Saddle Road To Al Tahoe Connecter1.13 mi82 ft0.5%
Poweline Ski Run to Cold Creek3.01 mi131 ft0.5%
High Meadow Trail to lower fire rd0.45 mi-230 ft-9.6%
Railroad Grade from Columbine1.34 mi52 ft0.7%
Creek to Lot Sprint0.54 mi36 ft1.2%
Washoe Meadows NB, Golf course to LTBlvd2.00 mi85 ft0.8%
Valley View Up1.02 mi417 ft7.7%
89 (NW): Spring Creek ⇢ DL Bliss6.14 mi551 ft1.6%
Emerald Bay to Rest Stop2.71 mi472 ft3.3%
Emerald Bay Exposure Climb0.99 mi171 ft3.2%
Emerald Bay Climb 0.98 mi351 ft6.7%
Zig zag at Cascade Lake to EB Lot2.66 mi397 ft1.3%
Fastest LLR 21.41 mi-472 ft-6.3%
Hwy 89 Rubicon Bay North5.00 mi203 ft0.1%
One Ring to top of Rubicon1.81 mi184 ft1.8%
Northbound climb out of Meeks Bay0.79 mi98 ft2.4%
Tahoma Ridge to Mckinney Creek connector0.98 mi-217 ft-4.1%
Tombstone DH0.51 mi-154 ft-5.7%
TRT, Ward to Paige Meadows1.36 mi400 ft5.5%
Rim Trail Sprint1.24 mi-125 ft-1.6%
Tahoe Rim Trail to Tahoe City Descent 2.70 mi-702 ft-4.7%
Flintstones0.60 mi-318 ft-9.9%
Official River DH1.45 mi-620 ft-8.5%
Flinstones to Granlibakken0.47 mi-177 ft-7.1%
DH above Granlibakken0.65 mi-259 ft-7.4%
Granlibakken to TC0.52 mi-220 ft-7.9%