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Cycling Route

31.23 km
257 m
Created By
Dan L

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Segment 4 Westwood Heath Road 1.46 km21 m1.4%
Westwood Heath Rd uphill2.08 km44 m2.1%
Westwood Heath climb1.03 km26 m2.2%
Westwood Heath Hill0.54 km22 m4.0%
WWH Climb0.33 km15 m4.4%
Hodgetts Ln (Cromwell to Waste Ln)1.17 km9 m0.0%
Waste Lane (Bridge to Lights)1.49 km-4 m-0.2%
reflect now0.37 km-2 m-0.1%
Lights to Kemps Green0.66 km-7 m-0.3%
Balsall Lights to Fernhill lane1.51 km-10 m-0.3%
Balsall street1.56 km-9 m-0.6%
A segment dedicated to Coventry City Council - perfect road surface1.14 km-15 m-1.2%
Barston Lane1.08 km27 m2.5%
Barston to Eastcote Uphill2.46 km27 m1.0%
Barston Hill1.33 km23 m1.3%
Barstn Boomer1.35 km8 m0.2%
Push past the plants1.50 km-23 m-1.0%
Hampton climb0.43 km6 m1.0%
Short climb into Hampton-in-Arden0.21 km11 m5.1%
Top to Diddingtons bottom1.15 km-30 m-2.0%
Flash that 30 sign0.82 km-24 m-2.9%
Hampton in Arden Downhill1.55 km-35 m-2.2%
Hampton Hollow3.78 km31 m0.2%
Meriden Mini Climb0.75 km12 m1.6%
Meriden Climb1.55 km24 m1.5%
hamptonLane1.37 km20 m1.3%
Balsall Common Z35.58 km34 m0.0%
Escape from the bulls head0.61 km-11 m-1.4%
Berkswell Road to Back Lane1.46 km20 m1.3%
1st Climb out of Meriden0.45 km22 m4.9%
Meriden to Berkswell2.87 km-20 m-0.0%
berkswellLift1.43 km23 m1.6%
Four Oak Dipper0.68 km-17 m-1.0%
2nd climb out of Meriden - Work0.51 km19 m3.5%
Big Dave's favorite stretch of tarmac1.37 km-21 m-1.5%
Spenny ride1.98 km17 m0.3%
The Bear Inn Climb0.92 km15 m1.6%
The Bear to Truggist Lane1.81 km17 m0.6%
Trugs to Wasted, via Hodgetts La0.81 km12 m1.2%
Hodgett's Lane1.06 km9 m0.1%
Burton Green Lead out0.75 km-11 m-0.3%
Hodgetts sprint for Burton Green sign0.33 km6 m1.8%
HodgettsHump0.56 km13 m2.3%
Hodgetts to Westwood0.99 km-8 m-0.3%
Westwood Heath Descent1.02 km-26 m-2.2%
Westwood or is it Eastwood?2.14 km-42 m-1.8%
Westwood Heath Road Descent0.91 km-21 m-2.0%
Westwood Heath Road2.08 km-43 m-2.0%
Westwood Heath Rd Descent To Bockendon Rd0.42 km-18 m-4.3%
Westwood Heath Rd From Bockendon Rd1.36 km-21 m-1.3%