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Sunday route

Cycling Route

56.57 mi
2,708 ft
Created By
Ian Bayley

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
A61 to Monktown2.42 mi43 ft0.1%
Rise up0.27 mi7 ft0.1%
Set off the sign 30mph Sprint0.17 mi-23 ft-2.6%
Moor Rd ascent1.01 mi125 ft2.3%
RED LION HILL0.30 mi7 ft0.4%
Pedal for your Life0.34 mi-16 ft-0.8%
Le Rond-Point Sprint0.27 mi-13 ft-1.0%
Ripley to Killinghall0.98 mi115 ft1.4%
Kill Killer Short0.30 mi52 ft3.4%
UCI World Championship Loop Section 2 (Penny Pot Roundabout to Harlow Moor Roundabout)1.50 mi233 ft0.6%
Sprint for the 40!0.21 mi-30 ft-2.6%
dont back off0.94 mi-148 ft-1.4%
Oak Beck to Dutchy0.26 mi118 ft8.2%
Worlds climb full0.72 mi226 ft5.9%
Penny Pot Lane to 2nd roundabout0.34 mi105 ft5.7%
co-op climb0.28 mi56 ft3.8%
Beck With Sprint0.47 mi-10 ft-0.4%
Yew Tree Down0.91 mi-177 ft-3.7%
Walton Head Lane0.56 mi121 ft4.1%
KO2KC1.57 mi-85 ft-0.5%
Kirkby Overblow to Linton Ln5.30 mi-312 ft-0.9%
Premature Flat TT2.98 mi-151 ft-0.9%
How fast can you take the bends?0.68 mi-89 ft-2.3%
Kirkby hill climb0.36 mi62 ft3.3%
Sicklinghall drop 0.41 mi-95 ft-4.3%
Sickinghall to Wetherby1.99 mi-115 ft-1.0%
Linton Springs channel0.31 mi36 ft1.8%
Linton Kick0.16 mi43 ft4.2%
Linton Springs Drop0.64 mi-62 ft-1.4%
Down a bit, up a bit, down a bit0.79 mi-118 ft-2.8%
mini R to Kirk R1.09 mi-20 ft-0.0%
Post office to Ainsty Road0.48 mi-7 ft-0.3%
Ingmanthorpe to Wetherby Lane0.98 mi-46 ft-0.6%
Cowthorpe turn to Walshford roundabout1.28 mi39 ft0.3%
Testing Testing North0.88 mi-23 ft-0.1%
Brigde Inn Roundabout smash it over the A10.33 mi26 ft0.7%
Col de Hunsingore0.48 mi43 ft1.7%
Cattal to A591.43 mi59 ft0.4%
Around the bend and far away0.81 mi36 ft0.8%
Don't stop at the top0.72 mi95 ft1.4%
The Whixley Rumble1.54 mi92 ft0.1%
Gilsforth steep section0.27 mi66 ft4.7%
Tough love0.77 mi-49 ft-1.0%
B6265 Humps0.69 mi43 ft0.3%
Borough.. BRIDGE BLAST0.16 mi-16 ft-0.4%
club cougar0.92 mi20 ft0.1%
Sleights lane0.69 mi69 ft1.8%
The great wall of Wath dash0.62 mi13 ft0.2%
Hutton Conyers0.52 mi102 ft3.6%
Get low on the lean0.35 mi-102 ft-5.5%