Friday Night Lights at Stub

Mountain Biking Trail

7.39 mi
1,217 ft
Created By
Sid Y

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Unfit Settlement Climb0.31 mi154 ft8.9%
Unfit Settlement DH To Fork0.60 mi-230 ft-6.7%
Western Unfit to Hares0.29 mi-180 ft-11.5%
Full Unfit Settlement DH 0.73 mi-203 ft-4.9%
Stub Full XC: Oops this is a bit before the entry ramp to the bridge2.87 mi-610 ft-4.0%
Cross trail0.19 mi-26 ft-2.5%
Shoofly - Ramp to DH Junction1.22 mi-187 ft-1.2%
Shoofly0.39 mi-121 ft-4.1%
Pinball Woods0.34 mi-184 ft-9.7%
XC Loop0.33 mi-56 ft-0.8%
Sid/Ted's Race -Hammering Shoofly (no options)2.49 mi-482 ft-3.5%
Greenhorn exit to end of XC2.30 mi-466 ft-3.8%
2013 Stub Link-n-pin DH (Genzer Cr to BV Trail)1.96 mi-505 ft-3.2%
River Sprint 0.55 mi-184 ft-3.9%
Lokie's Lollipop Descent1.39 mi-479 ft-6.3%
Lokie's after logjam1.06 mi-338 ft-6.0%
Rogers' Rock 'n Roll To End Of XC0.98 mi-338 ft-6.5%
Climb to Banks-Vernonia Trail0.23 mi75 ft5.6%
Map kiosk to BV climb0.19 mi66 ft6.6%
Faster GPS0.95 mi302 ft6.0%