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Gravel Espresso

Cycling Route

15.95 mi
1,119 ft
Created By
Paul D

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lincoln to VG2.60 mi66 ft0.4%
10-Box to WMA bridge1.80 mi66 ft0.2%
Forbidden--Lincoln to Kitchens0.83 mi30 ft0.5%
400 Watts Foreverrrr2.61 mi43 ft0.0%
Summit to Port Royal Ave0.83 mi299 ft6.8%
FD to YT0.32 mi118 ft6.9%
Forbidden to Summit 20.46 mi184 ft7.5%
Gravel Climb to Summit0.14 mi89 ft11.7%
Hagys Mill Descent0.33 mi-154 ft-8.4%
River Road Sprint (After Manor)0.21 mi-7 ft-0.6%
AIM Sprint0.19 mi-16 ft-1.5%
Kick at Manor0.19 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Deliverance 0.79 mi23 ft0.5%
Koppenberg Cobbles0.75 mi266 ft6.6%
Port Royal from the river. 0.89 mi322 ft6.8%
Port Royal Cobbles0.22 mi148 ft12.6%
Royal pain in the a**1.21 mi312 ft4.9%
Port Royal Ave.0.79 mi249 ft6.0%
dont stop until u reach the top0.94 mi292 ft5.8%
Hagys Spring Sprint0.28 mi-72 ft-3.7%
Bells Mill Descent0.88 mi-184 ft-3.9%
Forbidden Drive, Bells Mill to Valley Green South2.02 mi-59 ft-0.2%
Forbidden Drive South Bound4.76 mi-56 ft-0.2%
FD south from Monster to Wises1.68 mi39 ft0.1%
WMR to LD BRIDGE3.03 mi-79 ft-0.4%
VGI rhythm section0.15 mi-13 ft-0.9%
Valley Green to Lincoln Drive Gravel Grind2.76 mi-102 ft-0.5%
WMA bridge to 10-Box1.75 mi-69 ft-0.2%