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Blaze Gravel Short

Cycling Route

35.75 mi
3,198 ft
Created By
Dave Hagen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
County Road 237 Climb0.76 mi262 ft6.5%
Let the fun begin! :)1.54 mi436 ft5.4%
Horse Gulch Road Extended3.18 mi801 ft4.8%
Horse Gulch Warm up climb0.68 mi256 ft7.0%
Horse gulch road 0.65 mi236 ft6.9%
Horse Gulch Rd to bottom of Sugar2.32 mi636 ft5.2%
All of HG Road + 2375.17 mi846 ft1.9%
Horse Gulch 2.78 mi604 ft4.1%
Road Diversion0.45 mi128 ft5.3%
HG Road North (Benches to 234)4.56 mi587 ft1.0%
Benches to 237 Gate Climb2.45 mi538 ft4.1%
Washing Machine back up to 2372.09 mi427 ft3.9%
County Road 237 Climb1.94 mi463 ft4.5%
Horse gulch rd backside down1.95 mi-371 ft-3.5%
HG road top down speed run1.60 mi-285 ft-3.4%
CR 228 Climb0.26 mi75 ft5.5%
223 hill climb1.08 mi220 ft3.8%
225 north contra-flow road2.06 mi187 ft1.7%
225 punch to 228 intersection0.21 mi59 ft5.3%
225 North - Dirt Section1.74 mi144 ft1.4%
237 to the Gulch4.54 mi-591 ft-1.0%
Horse Gulch Road Backside 1.79 mi358 ft3.8%
237 to Benches2.48 mi-545 ft-4.2%
Horse Gulch DH from 2nd gate to 8th Ave entrance 3.13 mi-787 ft-4.8%
Dodge the ruts!2.15 mi-443 ft-3.9%
Bottom of Sugar to benches1.59 mi-384 ft-4.6%
horse gulch road downhill0.67 mi-200 ft-5.5%
horse gulch decent from meadow0.69 mi-203 ft-5.5%