Tour de Nippon in Tochigi Yaita <Part 1: From Nasu Shiobara to Yaita>

Cycling Route

40.81 km
466 m
The Tohoku Expressway and the Tohoku Shinkansen bisect the prefecture from north to south. Given its ease of access, Tochigi Prefecture is a popular destination, particularly with those from Metropolitan Tokyo. In any case, Nikko and Nasu Kogen are renowned countrywide for producing the largest amount of strawberries in Japan. Visiting Yaita City in the north of Tochigi Prefecture, you can’t help but notice the tranquility of the countryside and its bountiful nature, as well as the warmth of the people. Once you know Yaita, it will never again be a town to pass through on your way to nearby tourist areas. Rather, a journey to a special place that you’d rather keep a secret. 県の南北を貫く東北自動車道や東北新幹線。栃木県はそのアクセスのよさから、特に首都圏の人にとって馴染みがあるのではないだろうか。そうでなくとも日光や那須高原、生産量日本一のいちごなどは全国的に名高い。そんな栃木の県北にある矢板市に足を運んで気づくのは、里ののどかさと恵みの豊かさ、それに人の温もりだった。知ればもう矢板は、近郊の観光地への道中に寄る町ではなくなりますよ。秘密にしたくなる、とっておきの場所と出会う旅へ。
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
BS裏の道0.85 km3 m0.2%
3段坂0.76 km60 m7.8%
まこと坂0.74 km52 m6.0%