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Updated 66 VCR Sportive 2024

Cycling Route

109.64 km
1,014 m
Created By
Patrick Schoenmakers

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sandy Hill and sprint1.21 km-44 m-3.6%
Colne Road Climb0.34 km15 m4.3%
Bend it like Bures1.18 km22 m1.5%
Winding through Peb5.24 km26 m0.0%
Courtyard to the Kings Head1.06 km-22 m-2.0%
The Head to Colne Road0.95 km21 m1.9%
pebmarsh hill0.44 km17 m3.8%
Sprint For Pebmarsh0.78 km-4 m-0.1%
School's Out 0.59 km-2 m-0.3%
dash to Bulmer turn1.22 km6 m0.4%
Bulmer bumps to Lt. Yeldham7.77 km32 m0.1%
Bulmer rollers3.06 km-27 m-0.5%
Gestingthorpe Kick0.61 km-7 m-0.9%
Little Yeldham Drag0.75 km11 m0.8%
Juxta to Ovington2.59 km-13 m-0.1%
Bradley hill down0.52 km-26 m-5.1%
Pub to Fisheries0.46 km-3 m-0.3%
Alpinesque2.69 km50 m1.8%
Poslingford N climb1.60 km49 m2.9%
Shadow Bushes0.83 km32 m3.8%
Plough Hill Climb only0.54 km32 m5.9%
Hawkedon Turns Reversed0.93 km12 m0.4%
double dip1.18 km34 m2.4%
Queens Head to Rede3.10 km43 m1.2%
Rede > White Horse3.48 km-28 m-0.6%
rede climb0.36 km13 m3.5%
Whepsted chruch hill (just the hill)0.22 km21 m9.7%
Down Workhouse Hill1.07 km-30 m-2.7%
just down workhouse0.58 km-21 m-3.2%
Hartest Hill0.87 km38 m4.4%
Killer (Start at junction after bridge. Standing start to finish at telegraph pole at first house on right around the bend at top of hill)0.49 km36 m7.1%
steep part of Hartest Hill0.25 km31 m11.9%
Done the hill, now the work starts....0.78 km-3 m-0.1%
Stanstead Descent3.16 km-56 m-1.7%
Jollys Stanstead Decent.......0.98 km-35 m-3.6%
Deer-Dodging Blast1.64 km13 m0.5%
Climb to Windmill Hill junction1.41 km26 m1.6%
1064 to Bull lane0.54 km-10 m-1.6%
Bull Lane1.00 km6 m0.3%
LAV RD TO CROWN1.47 km15 m1.0%
Folly to Bantocks0.57 km3 m0.3%
Sherbourne Street downhill.1.69 km-22 m-1.3%
Hadleigh Rd to Assington Lane1.16 km23 m1.5%
Stone Street Double Hill1.88 km30 m1.6%
Brick Kiln Hill part 10.40 km23 m5.7%
Stoke by Nayland sprint0.71 km-3 m-0.2%
SPRINT! 0.73 km-43 m-5.8%
Malting Farm to Smallbridge Entry Sprint0.70 km9 m1.2%
Up to the ford1.14 km-10 m-0.8%
Small climb round the bend0.72 km17 m2.2%