Markham Grange

Cycling Route

30.23 mi
1,513 ft
Created By
Martin C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Castle Gate Climb0.22 mi-7 ft0.0%
TickhillGP - Finish Line SPRINT0.10 mi0 ft0.0%
Apy Hill - Tickhill2.42 mi161 ft1.3%
Apy effort0.51 mi75 ft2.7%
NMRRL - STAINTON 21.04 mi49 ft0.9%
Stainton "Climb"0.45 mi52 ft2.2%
M18 brow0.15 mi10 ft1.0%
Down you go then up you go. Roundabout to school0.74 mi-89 ft-2.0%
5 lanes to Warmsworth2.18 mi-249 ft-2.0%
fast down hill0.41 mi-85 ft-3.7%
hammer it threw old eggy0.54 mi-79 ft-2.3%
edlow sprint2.04 mi-177 ft-1.3%
middle bit0.38 mi-39 ft-1.9%
Speed camera trap0.34 mi-49 ft-2.5%
Hairpin bends0.31 mi-92 ft-5.4%
Sprotborough Hill0.25 mi75 ft5.6%
sprotbro sprint0.97 mi-62 ft-0.8%
MB Sector 30.78 mi-56 ft-1.1%
town view ave0.49 mi10 ft0.1%
Scawsby Lane0.44 mi13 ft0.2%
chasing that top speed0.37 mi-39 ft-1.6%
K DEN0.15 mi-36 ft-4.4%
CUSSY !0.33 mi82 ft4.7%
Cusworth Hill to The Gatehouse0.30 mi89 ft5.4%
Spring Lane1.10 mi49 ft0.5%
ivanhoe dash1.18 mi52 ft0.4%
Get to ivanhoe for a Sam smiths..... 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺0.75 mi49 ft1.1%
Sprotbrough hill version 2.00.20 mi33 ft2.9%
EDLO CIRC SEC101.44 mi-121 ft-0.5%
Hot brakes 0.31 mi-75 ft-4.4%
Entry & Exit0.67 mi-102 ft-0.0%
Levithagg hairpin0.40 mi72 ft3.2%
TDY Sprint Point0.64 mi102 ft2.3%
mot lufc alaw waccoe 0.61 mi36 ft0.4%
Lords Head south0.56 mi26 ft0.2%
halfway0.97 mi-62 ft-0.9%
Springwell Lane Drag0.75 mi62 ft1.6%
Springwell lane to forest split off0.61 mi66 ft1.9%
Springwell Lane Climb0.45 mi79 ft3.0%
EDLO CIRC SEC20.49 mi138 ft5.2%
Tofield Rd0.60 mi138 ft4.2%
I heart Sugarcane Velo Club0.45 mi118 ft5.0%
Tofield Road Climb0.44 mi128 ft5.5%
Childlish Prick you know who you are. Won't speak, its like being at school.0.43 mi20 ft0.9%
It's all down hill 2.43 mi-174 ft-1.4%
Wilsic - Tickhill (to double bend)1.74 mi-135 ft-1.5%
Pot Holes and Pinch Flats1.41 mi-82 ft-1.1%
Wilsic - Bends n Bridges0.27 mi-13 ft-1.0%
DESTINOLOGY - Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes ! 0.33 mi-26 ft-1.5%
The NHS don't employ fraudsters0.29 mi-7 ft-0.0%