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Bulldog Ultra Preview Grasslands Start

Running Route

15.37 mi
2,991 ft
Created By
Kevin Strehlo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Crags Rd Climb0.54 mi197 ft6.7%
Crags Climb0.30 mi144 ft9.0%
Down By The River 0.27 mi-52 ft-3.2%
CragBull ST0.94 mi36 ft0.5%
hill 3mile lp1.10 mi463 ft7.8%
Bulldog Climb First 2.5 Miles2.51 mi1,270 ft9.6%
Bulldog Bottom to Top3.22 mi1,736 ft10.2%
Little Bulldog1.03 mi420 ft7.7%
Full Bulldog3.01 mi1,654 ft10.4%
Lakeside Lateral Climb1.27 mi656 ft9.8%
BullDog 8 middle miles8.34 mi1,677 ft0.3%
Bulldog Lateral Intersection to Corral Canyon3.49 mi1,289 ft5.5%
Bulldog Mtwy Climb1.70 mi1,145 ft12.7%
Bulldog Mtwy Climb0.22 mi194 ft16.4%
Final Mile of Bulldog Rd Ascent1.01 mi627 ft11.7%
The Bulldog's Underbelly - Run It Fast®8.01 mi-1,975 ft-4.4%
Castro Mtwy Descent0.73 mi-397 ft-10.2%
BBT Cross at Castro Peak Mtwy down to Crags7.41 mi-1,798 ft-3.7%
Corral to Mesa Peak1.66 mi253 ft2.8%
Bulldog Backbone Ridge2.68 mi-371 ft-0.4%
Mesa Peak Mtwy Climb0.36 mi144 ft7.4%
Corral Canyon to Tapia East5.71 mi-1,798 ft-5.2%
Mesa Peak Mtwy Climb0.42 mi203 ft9.0%
Mesa Peak to Tapia Water Fountain3.91 mi-1,798 ft-8.6%
Mesa Peak Mtwy Climb0.34 mi135 ft7.4%
Mesa/Backbone 1,200ft drop2.04 mi-1,191 ft-10.9%
Mesa Peak Descent to Piuma TH2.45 mi-1,365 ft-10.5%
Mesa Peak Mtw Descent to Backbone TH2.34 mi-1,312 ft-10.6%
1,000 foot drop1.34 mi-948 ft-13.3%
Rock garden descent to parking lot 0.62 mi-305 ft-9.0%
down the fun part0.57 mi-308 ft-9.7%
Highway Home1.83 mi308 ft0.6%
Final Hill on Bulldog Loop1.01 mi262 ft2.6%
Tapia Spur Climb0.64 mi282 ft7.4%
County Highway N1 Climb0.55 mi253 ft8.7%
Finish0.41 mi-118 ft-5.2%