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Howden B+

Cycling Route

104.53 mi
3,227 ft
Created By
Yas Lifecycles Leeds & B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Weetwood Lane to Weetwood Manor0.47 mi39 ft1.4%
BWCC SOTM 2021 - Round 2 Weetwood Lane1.00 mi144 ft1.8%
Oxley Hall Hill0.29 mi59 ft3.8%
Adel's Long Causeway0.46 mi20 ft0.6%
Who's got the biggest balls?0.32 mi108 ft3.7%
Stairfoot Lane - Uphill section only0.44 mi161 ft6.4%
Stair Foot to Heaven0.24 mi46 ft3.3%
Alwoodley/ Wigton Lane Blast2.74 mi-79 ft-0.2%
Last half mile0.52 mi-36 ft-1.3%
Wigton Lane 1.14 mi46 ft0.5%
WLBS Finale0.23 mi10 ft0.8%
tarn lane 20.31 mi-7 ft0.0%
SYKE LANEL HILL DOWN0.29 mi-36 ft-2.3%
Thornier sprint0.30 mi-16 ft-1.1%
Ski ramp sprint 0.27 mi30 ft1.0%
Gav's wee stop0.25 mi-30 ft-2.0%
Town Hill Bramham0.14 mi46 ft5.8%
Scary Dog0.11 mi23 ft3.7%
Garnet & Moor1.08 mi-105 ft-1.8%
Stutton Sprint0.81 mi-85 ft-1.0%
Mill Lane Sprint0.23 mi16 ft1.3%
Col de Grimston0.82 mi46 ft0.7%
Ulleskelf railway bridge0.17 mi-39 ft-0.6%
Fast Roads into Ossendyke0.63 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Buffer 20.18 mi7 ft0.5%
Ryther - Cawood1.74 mi16 ft0.1%
Howden Sprint1.45 mi-7 ft-0.0%
Train Line - Junction0.69 mi-3 ft-0.0%
Elvington Ln - Wheldrake2.23 mi-23 ft-0.2%
Mr Martins Dash0.47 mi-16 ft-0.4%
Temple Lane Tear Up1.26 mi30 ft0.5%
up ze bwidge0.19 mi30 ft2.8%
Colton Lane Drag0.47 mi23 ft0.6%
sorry tucker0.43 mi46 ft2.0%
Healaugh Church to Wighill Church2.18 mi66 ft0.2%
Drag into Wighill1.32 mi-43 ft-0.3%
Wighill Hard Left to Church0.28 mi33 ft2.2%
wighill to thorp arch roundabout0.95 mi-46 ft-0.6%
Wighill Lane0.65 mi39 ft1.0%
The Walton pylon dodge0.55 mi30 ft0.9%
Wood Lane to Wetherby 1.27 mi-26 ft-0.0%
A168 Walton Rd R'bout to Mercure R'bout0.31 mi-26 ft-1.6%
Wetherby to collingham1.31 mi49 ft0.2%
Wike Lane bump0.37 mi112 ft5.4%
Wike Ridge Steps Wigton Lane Finish2.31 mi256 ft2.0%
Village Golf Course climb0.29 mi102 ft6.5%
Up and Down0.27 mi59 ft1.9%
Slade Hill Uphill Sprint0.12 mi49 ft7.3%
Shadwell Lane1.14 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Shadwell Lane (Moortown end) REVERSE0.34 mi-39 ft-0.9%