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Veloce Handlebar

Cycling Route

57.6 mi
3,162 ft
Created By
Paul E

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Greywell to Upton Grey0.40 mi26 ft1.0%
Up Upton1.91 mi144 ft1.3%
Upton Grey Hill0.83 mi108 ft2.4%
Upton Grey to Herriard Hill 2.48 mi279 ft2.0%
Herriard Hill1.59 mi226 ft2.3%
Herriard Steep0.84 mi207 ft4.6%
Bagmore Lane W: A339 to Red Lane1.66 mi-85 ft-1.0%
Bradley Junction to Spiers Ln1.77 mi-46 ft-0.4%
St Mary to St Peters2.01 mi-36 ft-0.3%
Spiers Lane to Woolpack1.78 mi-23 ft-0.2%
Northington Down (from Totford)0.59 mi144 ft4.3%
VCV SoTM April 2021 - Totford Torment 0.61 mi151 ft4.7%
Northington Down to the crossroads0.46 mi-20 ft-0.6%
Short-Sharp Northington Rd0.17 mi62 ft6.9%
Itchen Bridge Sprint!0.30 mi13 ft0.3%
Avington rise0.15 mi33 ft4.1%
cows hit0.47 mi59 ft0.2%
Easton Ln end-to-end1.23 mi102 ft0.2%
Gravel sprint0.34 mi-95 ft-4.1%
Easton Lane0.69 mi-56 ft-1.4%
Little Climb to the traffic lights0.18 mi43 ft4.3%
Sprint0.28 mi30 ft1.9%
Bedfield Lane0.18 mi-13 ft-1.1%
North along Springvale Rd1.36 mi56 ft0.7%
Hill to Hill0.92 mi39 ft0.8%
Kings Worthy Berg0.38 mi95 ft4.8%
Popham Up!0.19 mi56 ft5.4%
Popham down2.21 mi-154 ft-1.0%
Sweet Caroline1.41 mi-135 ft-1.5%
Waltham Lane Push0.54 mi62 ft2.1%
Steventon to Waltham1.07 mi-72 ft-0.3%
Farleigh Lane Bottom to Top2.63 mi236 ft1.7%
Dummer Church to Dummer Clump0.55 mi66 ft2.2%
Farleigh 0.96 mi75 ft0.8%
Top of Farleigh0.30 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Wallop1.59 mi-292 ft-3.4%
Farleigh to A3392.61 mi-331 ft-2.4%
farliegh freewheel0.87 mi-243 ft-5.3%
Down the Steep Bit of Farleigh0.33 mi-138 ft-7.9%
Woods Lane to the M3 bridge0.68 mi-46 ft-1.3%
Farleigh Road1.11 mi-66 ft-1.1%
Fairleigh DASH!0.52 mi-26 ft-1.0%
Let's get this party started0.30 mi59 ft3.7%
Dickens Chase Proper1.54 mi82 ft0.1%
Hackwood Hill Proper0.71 mi66 ft1.7%
Dickens Lane2.24 mi-69 ft-0.3%
Tunworth short hill0.29 mi69 ft4.5%
Mapledurwell - Mind the Tractor!0.98 mi-89 ft-1.6%
Crown Lane (full)0.66 mi98 ft2.4%
Crown Lane climb0.27 mi82 ft5.6%