2023 SS Century 102

Cycling Route

102.63 mi
8,044 ft
Created By
Bryan Patterson | Velo Kings Racing p/b ATP Coaching

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Drag racing to DryCreek2.60 mi-66 ft-0.2%
216 Last Hill before Lemon Cove0.66 mi62 ft1.7%
Shooting Sentinel Gap Ave 360 to Ave 3641.20 mi-36 ft0.0%
Road 204 and Ave 376 to Elderwood1.77 mi33 ft0.3%
Road 204 Drag Race1.44 mi30 ft0.3%
398 to Boyd4.27 mi689 ft3.0%
Mtn House via 24513.29 mi2,408 ft3.4%
Climb Over Boyd Grade2.57 mi712 ft5.2%
245 Climb(to the top)2.32 mi663 ft5.4%
245 Climb Part 11.83 mi584 ft6.1%
245, Short Downhill to Bridge1.17 mi-161 ft-2.1%
245 Climb Part 28.89 mi1,781 ft3.8%
Drum valley turn to MTNH6.32 mi1,407 ft4.2%
Mountainhouse via 2455.34 mi1,365 ft4.8%
245 Climb Part 35.01 mi1,322 ft5.0%
California 245 Climb0.91 mi308 ft6.4%
California 245 Climb0.78 mi276 ft6.6%
Mountain House Climb0.58 mi92 ft2.7%
Badger Rd Climb2.36 mi515 ft4.1%
Dunlap Descent To Millwood9.16 mi-1,755 ft-3.6%
Dunlap Rd bridge to Conservation Camp Rd1.21 mi-141 ft-2.1%
Millwood Road climb from Dunlap Road to Todd Eymann Road4.56 mi1,421 ft5.9%
Millwood Rd and Todd Eymann Rd climb from Dunlap toward Hwy 2457.02 mi2,195 ft5.9%
Millwood Rd Climb0.96 mi308 ft6.1%
Going Up6.25 mi2,175 ft6.6%
Todd Eyemann Rd2.60 mi912 ft6.6%
Sierra Glen Cutoff Climb0.84 mi276 ft6.2%
Returning to Mtn House climb0.17 mi46 ft4.9%
Mountain House to Drum Valley descent7.26 mi-1,585 ft-4.0%
Mountain House Sprint0.60 mi-95 ft-2.6%
Mountain House to Drum Valley Rd6.23 mi-1,447 ft-4.4%
Mountain House to the sharp left hander photo stop4.04 mi-1,106 ft-5.2%
Mountain House descend via 2457.40 mi-1,693 ft-4.3%
Look Mom no pedaling5.05 mi-1,345 ft-5.0%
Photo stop to Drum Valley2.11 mi-348 ft-3.1%
Drum Valley Rd to Boyd's Grade Road on 2454.22 mi-318 ft-1.2%
Hwy 245 rollers0.65 mi128 ft3.7%
Last Mile of Sentinal Drive back to Woodlake0.95 mi-33 ft-0.7%