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AZ - Mt.Lemmon

Cycling Route

132.8 km
2,351 m
Created By
Virginie P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
LeBuzz to Houghton3.13 km40 m1.3%
Show Casing to Nambe0.78 km8 m1.1%
Cat Hwy/Houghton - Melpomene V22.37 km17 m0.6%
MP 0 to Molino Basin9.08 km460 m5.1%
True Mile 0 to 7 Cataracts Parking14.66 km753 m5.1%
Mt Lemmon MP 0 to Windy Point22.47 km1,096 m4.9%
Lemmon MP0-MP46.42 km325 m5.0%
Mt Lemmon Milepost 0 to 11.61 km84 m5.2%
Lemmon opening scene0.91 km49 m5.4%
Mile Post 0 to Bad Bad Dog4.11 km203 m4.9%
Mt. Lemmon Official32.32 km1,524 m4.7%
Team GARBAge AST1.19 km56 m4.7%
1st turn to 5th1.32 km65 m4.9%
MP1-MP21.64 km80 m4.9%
FOR HARAMBE0.34 km22 m6.4%
Attack0.41 km19 m4.7%
The flat part1.39 km61 m4.4%
MILES 3-43.26 km161 m4.9%
MILE31.60 km75 m4.7%
Bad Dog Sprint0.31 km11 m3.4%
Bad Dog to MP30.52 km30 m5.8%
MILE41.61 km81 m5.0%
MILE51.60 km82 m5.1%
MILE 61.61 km78 m4.8%
Pay Booth to Molino0.61 km22 m3.6%
Molino to Gordon H Interval2.75 km146 m5.3%
molino to top bugs road climb9.48 km450 m4.7%
Molino to 7Cats 5.55 km285 m5.1%
Mile 71.65 km90 m5.4%
Gordon to Thimble Peak Vista1.84 km110 m6.0%
9 Mile Sprint0.46 km22 m4.8%
CH M10 to M2118.52 km872 m4.7%
7 cats to windy point7.90 km389 m4.9%
The Canyon to 6000ft marker3.36 km157 m4.7%
Mile-111.62 km94 m5.8%
11ish to 12 ish1.94 km74 m3.8%
fast and flat1.10 km37 m3.4%
08/08/10 Tucson, AZ1.63 km88 m5.4%
Final Push to Windy Point3.18 km194 m6.1%
Final Sprint to Windy0.53 km27 m5.0%
Windy Pt to Geology0.64 km32 m4.8%
windy point to ski run17.12 km449 m2.1%
Mt Lemmon Hwy Climb1.64 km88 m5.4%
Mt Lemmon Hwy Climb1.45 km85 m5.9%
Mt Lemmon Hwy Climb1.60 km91 m5.5%
Down from Windy Point Vista22.11 km-1,034 m-4.7%
gordon hirabayashi slingshot0.77 km-48 m-5.9%
Zoom Zoom0.72 km-38 m-5.1%
Molino Basin to MP08.90 km-447 m-5.0%
Final Kick1.01 km-57 m-5.6%