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MGCC Woodsworth x 4.5 ending at Cafe Lit

Cycling Route

50.19 km
449 m
Created By
Greg Connor

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Davisville - Mt.Pleasant to Yonge St0.79 km-6 m-0.1%
Ave Rd - Chaplin to Eglinton0.61 km19 m3.1%
Avenue Rd - Eglinton to Lawrence2.05 km-13 m-0.0%
Roselawn to Lawrence NORTH1.56 km-13 m-0.6%
Roselawn to Fairlawn NORTH2.20 km-11 m-0.1%
Avenue Road - Lawrence to Wilson2.04 km5 m0.1%
Avenue Road - Lawrence -> Fairlawn0.64 km6 m0.8%
Avenue to Yonge (ending before intersection)1.05 km-43 m-4.0%
Avenue to Yonge on Wilson1.29 km-26 m-1.9%
Yonge to Yonge0.70 km-31 m-4.4%
Pound the Pedals to Heathcote!0.43 km-2 m-0.5%
MGCC Woodsworth 3.5 CW17.77 km-33 m-0.2%
Matt's reverse loop4.90 km-36 m-0.0%
All The Way to Gerard Climb1.88 km31 m1.6%
Northdale Rd East Sprint0.39 km-3 m-0.6%
Silvergrove Esses0.45 km-7 m-1.5%
Woodsworth Sweeper1.07 km-21 m-1.8%
HH Banbury Hustle SB2.83 km-24 m-0.8%
Windfields Bomb Down Banburry1.26 km-23 m-1.8%
Over n Under the Bridge0.71 km18 m0.4%
I can't see hill0.74 km12 m1.3%
CNIB - Broadway0.53 km19 m3.5%
Bayview - Eglinton to Broadway0.29 km5 m1.1%