Mt. Baldy - White Lake Wall Return

Cycling Route

125.57 km
1,704 m
As far as you want/can on Mt. Baldy. Return west of Oliver, through White Lake Grasslands, down The Wall. McLean Creek yes/no again on the return.
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Eastside Road - Marina Driveway to McLean Creek Rd8.37 km14 m0.2%
Eastside Road, Penticton to Mclean Creek (AW)8.36 km14 m0.1%
From the Marina0.51 km11 m2.2%
Barley Mill Pub Duathlon Out16.21 km120 m0.1%
Out & Up12.97 km123 m0.8%
McLean Creek Road5.10 km106 m2.1%
McLean Creek Road Climb1.52 km69 m4.5%
McLean Creek Rd Descent (Corner to Walnut Ave)2.13 km-89 m-4.2%
Oliver Ranch Road Climb0.49 km25 m5.0%
Down to the Cattleguard0.72 km-39 m-5.2%
Oliver Ranch Road to Sundial road3.42 km-12 m-0.0%
Giddy Up7.12 km521 m7.3%
Mccuddy CK Road Climb1.39 km124 m8.9%
Fairview Rd climb1.66 km121 m7.3%
Willowbrook rd climb6.13 km160 m2.3%
Fairview White Climb1.62 km127 m7.8%
Willowbrook Rough Pave10.35 km-77 m-0.2%
Willowbrook: Secrest to Green Lake4.26 km-26 m-0.2%
Willowbrook Push to the Stop Sign - sneaky uphill2.24 km15 m0.7%
Hayman Classic 2019 Time Trial Course6.82 km61 m0.6%
Hayman TT return6.38 km67 m0.7%
Green Lake N (396th to Hwy97)10.93 km-158 m-1.0%
Pedal faster. I hear banjos0.87 km26 m2.9%
Humpty Dumpty Went Down The Wall5.12 km-175 m-3.4%
OK Falls to Marina Northbound12.54 km-38 m-0.1%
Kipper Cove0.83 km35 m4.2%
Eastside Rd Popper1.00 km31 m3.0%
Finnerty0.60 km13 m2.2%