Oroville - Tonasket CCW Loop

Cycling Route

130.34 km
1,884 m
Oroville to Tonasket is relatively flat. Tonasket to Oroville has 30km of steady climbing. Then 30km of steady downhill back to Oroville.
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Loomis-Oroville5.26 km142 m2.7%
Burn a match🔥2.79 km118 m4.2%
Loomis-Orville rd Climb2.74 km119 m4.3%
Down around and up3.59 km-108 m-2.2%
Havillah Rd Climb2.46 km121 m4.9%
Havillah Rd Climb1.85 km96 m5.2%
Tonasket Havillah Rd Climb5.23 km292 m5.6%